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The iPhone’s pre-installed Maps application is a truly wonderful thing. Not only is it intuitive to use, it also allows you to plan routes, search for place names and pinpoint your current position. It’s arguably one of the best features of the Apple iPhone and its usefulness cannot be understated.

However, there’s always room for enhancement with such things, and that’s where MapsBuddy comes in. This application is intended to augment the existing Maps program by allowing you to search quickly and easily for various points of interest in your present vicinity.

For example, should you find yourself feeling a little peckish you can look for the nearest McDonalds or KFC. Likewise, if you discover your car has a flat tyre you can bring up the addresses and telephone numbers of any garages that might be nearby.

A wide range of different search categories are included, covering most of the more important conveniences, shops and places of interest. You can even edit these search examples to be more specific, or create a list of favourite searches for those times when you’ve just got to find the nearest fast food joint in a hurry.

However, it should be noted that MapsBuddy isn’t actually doing any of the work itself – it’s merely a tool that saves you having to slavishly type in each search in the Maps application.

For example, to locate a cinema using Maps on its own you would have to type in ‘cinema’ and then your current location. MapsBuddy merely streamlines this process; nothing more, nothing less.

In this respect, it’s easy to consider MapsBuddy as a rather cheeky attempt to profit from the laziness of iPhone users. With a little effort you can gain the same functionality from the existing Maps application and save yourself the 59p.

Although MapsBuddy has obviously been created with convenience in mind, it ironically becomes bogged down with additional procedures. For example, even if you’re already using the Maps application, you still have to drop out and manually launch MapsBuddy to take advantage of it.

Indeed, the integration between the two applications is very poor. Once you’ve picked a search subject in MapsBuddy you are pushed straight into Maps, with no way of returning bar dropping back to the home screen and re-launching it all over again.

MapsBuddy has clearly been created with good intentions and is likely to come in useful at least a couple of times when you’re out on the open road, but it’s essentially a glorified search tool that doesn’t actually bring anything new to the table, other than saving your fingers from having to type out a few additional words.

MapsBuddy Info

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Platform: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Version of app: 1.4

Price: 59p

Developer: Spiceloop

Website/Demo: Spiceloop website

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