London Tube Deluxe review


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The latest version of London Tube Deluxe, version 3.1, aims to eliminate travel complications for the capital’s iPhone owners.

London Tube Deluxe maximises the effectiveness of the iPhone’s portability – allowing you to retrieve underground maps, timetables and status updates. You can also locate the closest tube station using GPS, making planning journeys on the move easy.

Using London Tube Deluxe is highly intuitive. You can select stations on the map itself, allowing for a clear and simple view of any journey. Unlike its competitors, Tube Deluxe also displays each station’s departure boards, meaning you can narrow down your plans to the exact minute.

Obviously, this feature is only available above ground, but it does allow for a more comprehensive way of planning your journey. The maps and route planner themselves don’t actually require a network connection, which means you can still check them out when on the tube itself- very useful on a packed train.

London Tube Deluxe synchronises with TFL’s official network, making status updates as accurate as is possible. Useful for those that keep more irregular hours, there are also separate updates on the first and last trains running. You can even see which station your train is currently at, and how many minutes it will take for it to reach you.

These advanced features make London Tube Deluxe a godsend when moving around London- not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. The extent to which they allow you to optimise your journey can shave valuable minutes off your travel time each day.

For those of us whose stations don’t display train times, the virtual board is so helpful: knowing where the train is and when it will arrive at your station is invaluable when in a rush or running late. The app retains information already downloaded from when you last had a connection, so you won’t lose all your info just by going underground.

The only slight downfall is the lack of a complete route planner – such as the one available from the TFL website. Being able to see the quickest walking routes between stations, as well as the train routes, would push London Tube Deluxe up a level.

At £0.59, London Tube deluxe is a certified bargain – even if you only intend to use the map. It’s an excellent investment for any iPhone owner based in London.

Ease of use:

Platform: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: 59p

Developer: Malcolm Barclay


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