London Bus, Tube & Rail Journey Planner review


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There’s nothing more irritating than trawling through pages and pages of potential travel options using the Transport for London’s website on your mobile. It’s not best suited for viewing on a small screen and doesn’t work with many mobile browsers.

App developer Malcolm Barclay has obviously taken onboard this irritation, with the introduction of an all-in-one London journey planner, named London Bus, Tube & Rail Journey Planner

The app, as the name suggests, is a complete route planning application for all of London’s public transport, including buses, tubes, rail travel, trams, DLR and river routes, similar to the route planner on the Transport for London website.

The main selling point of the London Bus, Tube and Rail Journey Planner app is its comprehensive coverage of London’s vast network of bus routes, including all stops in the area. This is no mean feat, considering how many there are, and how many stops appear on each route.

It also stores complete timetables for every route, allowing you to plan your journey precisely, with any changes of transport or bus routes clearly labelled.

An excellent feature is the ability to store your favourite routes and access a history of previously used routes. Like the advanced options on the TfL route planner, you can search for a route by departure and arrival time, ensuring you are in time for an appointment. Starts, finishes and durations of journeys are displayed in a comparative style so that the most time efficient can be selected easily.

This is the first incarnation of this particular application but, encouragingly, there have already been extra routes added thanks to the London Bus, Tube & Rail Journey Planner community. Although as is the problem with any application that relies on public input, the efficiency of the app is down to whether people co

We’re particularly impressed with the level of detail that has gone into the London Bus, Tube and Rail Journey Planner. Specifically, being able to attain timetables for every stop on your route, including the ability to view the first and last transport times is meticulously impressive.

The only problem is that reverse journeys seem somewhat of an assumption. In actuality, identically numbered buses may not take the same route to and from their destinations. This is not always taken into account by the application. Surely though, this will improve with time.

For such a detailed and easy to use service, a cost of £0.59 makes London Bus, Tube & Rail Journey Planner a great purchase. We see it as one of the most useful apps offered by the iPhone.

London Bus, Tube & Rail Journey Planner Info

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Platform: Android

Price: 59p

Developer: Malcolm Barclay

Website/Demo: Malcolm Barclay’s website

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