Joby Zivio Boom review


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The Zivio Boom was never going to be a regular Bluetooth headset coming from the makers of ‘gorillapod’ – possibly the wackiest telescopic camera stand you’re ever likely to see. In fact by comparison the Zivio Boom is rather sedate with a minimalist, angular design, choice of sensible silver or black finishes and conventional circular mains buttons (answer/end a call, volume up and down) – but don’t let that fool you.

Look a little more closely and the Zivio Boom has a surprise: an extendable microphone neatly hidden away in the main body which acts – yes – like a ‘Boom’ to improve voice quality for listeners. The Zivio Boom isn’t all gimmicks however since it also promotes a huge 10 hours of talk time or up to 200 hours on standby from a single charge and provides a wide array of interchangeable earpieces to help find the perfect fit.

The problem with all this is while good on paper it doesn’t really measure up in practice. For a start the boom itself, while certainly improving audio quality for the listener does little for the user and sound quality varies between passable and simply inadequate. The attempts of the headset to counter environmental noise are also tame and don’t bear any comparison with Aliph’s Jawbone range.

Furthermore, the build quality of the boom itself is poor feeling both extremely flimsy and fiddly to extend or contract. Breakage seems inevitable within days, not weeks or months.

Personally, despite the wide array of interchangeable earpieces available I found none fit particularly well – a point I mention only because I usually do fit most regular earphones and headsets. Your comfort levels will obviously vary.

Lastly there’s the cost. If Joby has priced the Zivio Boom around the £40-50 bracket it would be perfectly acceptable but with an RRP of £79.99 it is alongside premium company and for little more the Jawbone Prime is in another league. The original Jawbone Noise Assassin – also easily superior – can be found these days for under £50.

Zivio Boom Info

Typical Price: £80

Stylish design
Some noise cancelling
Simple controls

Audio quality mediocre
Fiddly and flimsy telescopic boom
Poor performance for the price
Rivals offer more

The Zivio Boom is a brave attempt to be different but ultimately ends up proving rather ordinary.

Rating: [[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”thumbnail_60x60″,”fid”:”21620″,”attributes”:{“alt”:””,”class”:”media-image”,”height”:”60″,”width”:”60″}}]]

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