Jabra Rhythm headphones review


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When we first picked up the packaging for the Jabra Rhythm headphones, we were slightly disturbed by the plastic ear demonstrating to customers how to do the simple task of putting in headphones.

However, the only reason we even mention this is because we couldn’t find much else wrong with these budget headphones.

The ear buds do look ludicrously small but they sat very comfortably in our ears. There was also a range of three different sleeves for them to fit small, medium or large, so we are confident they would sit comfortably for most people.

The company made a bold claim on the front of the packet saying that the ear buds would both be sound isolating and reduce wind-noise but, for something so small, they really lived up to the task. We didn’t need to have the volume at a huge level to keep the world out and, even on busy roads or in a noisy office, we felt pretty secluded.

The sound itself wouldn’t suit those looking for heavy bass but it was very clear, very sharp and even when we did crank up the volume, it refused to distort.

So we knew for receiving calls the sound would be good, but we were pleased to find the mic worked well too and the sound on the other side of the phone was sharp and clear again, even when travelling around busy streets.

The clip to bring the mic closer to you did let the headset down as it was a bit flimsy and kept coming away from the wire, but you didn’t really need it to get good sound on the calls.

The wire itself was very prone to tangling and although it was sturdy, this is something we would hope Jabra to look into for next time.

These headphones are no style statement and they won’t get tongues wagging whilst you are walking down the street wearing them.

But, all in all, for less than £30, the quality of these headphones, both for music and for calling, was superb and we would happy shell out the cash for them.

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