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iVideoCocktails is aimed at the aspiring party or dinner party host who wants to entertain and impress their friends. Or those just wanting to get drunk at home in style.

Designed to replace the trusty old cocktail recipe book, iVideoCocktails boasts an ever-expanding database of instructional videos, bringing cocktail mixing and shaking to the iPod generation.

The application serves up an initial 50-odd recipes, with more to come via future updates and downloads from the app’s creator iDelices. The cocktail list includes several classics such as the Sidecar, The Dry Martini and the Margarita, as well as some of the more modern binge drinking essentials such as the B52 and the Mojito. For those with children, designated drivers or tee-totallers at their mercy, non-alcoholic recipes are also included.

You simply select a drink from the list and are presented with the choice of watching the tutorial on the screen or selecting one of the icons below, offering a choice of written instructions “Preparation” “Ingredients” etc. 

The video clips deliver a step-by-step instructions in the form of a close-up view of the bartender’s hands using the ingredients and tools to make the drink, supplemented by a voice over giving the background of the drink and then the method. This helpfully shows exactly how to achieve all the different elements, which is especially good when it comes to the all-important presentation.

The other options are equally handy, such as “Ingredients”, designed as a check list whereby you tick off the stages as you do them. It also enables you to enter how many people you’re mixing for, and multiplies the measurements accordingly.

iVideoCocktails has several interactive functions too, such as the usual “Favourites” star to add the regular drinks to your list, as well as allowing you to post comments on your chosen recipe and rate each drink out of five stars.

Although the Send to a friend option merely allows you to spam a friend with an advert for iVideoCocktails, and not even share the recipe, let alone the video.

There’s also a Bartender Secrets section offering hints and tips and a drink selector that requires you to shake your iPhone Tom Cruise-style to rattle the onscreen ice and provide a drink recipe at random.

Overall, anyone without previous professional cocktail bartending experience wishing to make interesting drinks at home will find this app fun and useful. Although it does require a Wi-Fi or 3G connection and, unfortunately for the Sex in the City girls, it doesn’t include the Cosmopolitan.

iVideo Cocktails Info

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Platform: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Version of app: 1.0

Price: Free

Developer: iDelices

Website/Demo: iDelices website

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