Is THIS The New Moto 360? Images LEAK Online


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Do you like smartwatches? Are you a fan of Android Wear? Did you enjoy the Moto 360? If the answer to any of the above is yes then you’re in for a bit of a treat, as evidence has emerged to suggest that Motorola is working on a follow up to the most popular Android smartwatch to date. That’s right, allegedly there will be a second edition Moto 360.

So far there have been a number of intriguing leaks and tip-offs.

Firstly, Lenovo’s chief executive (Motorola’s parent company) posted a picture to social media around mid-March showing a suitcase full of watch accessories, before quickly removing the image, however, it was already captured by the internet and can still be seen via Chinese social network Weibo.


Subsequently, a report from Phandroid stated that the publication had “received a tip from a popular app developer”. According to the information, said developer has seen a previously unheard-of Motorola Android Wear device “pinging his Android developer console from Mundelein, a city not too far from Motorola’s HQ in Chicago, Illinois”.

Also, the Moto 360 has now had its price slashed by $100 in the US, as noted by Android and Me: “For those who haven’t purchased a smartwatch yet or are wanting to upgrade from a square watch, the price of the Moto 360 has been dropped by $100, going from $250 to $150. The price change doesn’t seem to be a temporary thing either, as both the Motorola website and the Google Store have the new price with no hint at a sale. This might be a permanent price drop.”

Moto 360 Review: Conclusion

Here’s an extract from our original review of the Moto 360:

Motorola’s first attempt at a smartwatch has taken on board criticisms of all the other manufacturers attempts at smart wrist wear and tried to improve upon each. In some areas it has been a success, especially in the design department. The Moto 360 has got a lot of things right. The design is better than anything else available and it’s sure to improve yet again with the next iteration.

The battery since the update is also incredibly impressive. When you have a device that is primarily designed for checking the time, you need a strong battery and Motorola has managed to nail it.

The real problem here is the Moto 360 doesn’t offer much functionality. That’s the failing of all smartwatches; the Android Wear platform needs to mature before it becomes a true success and worth your hard earned cash.

If you’re an early adopter and you’re certain you want an Android Wear smartwatch or want to update your current smartwatch, this is as slick as they come. Bear in mind it is also the most expensive you can get, but if you don’t want a square slab sitting on your wrist it’ll be worth the extra cash.

Personally I wouldn’t go out and spend my money on a smartwatch yet. If you’re already finding enough functionality with Android Wear, this’ll be perfect for you. It all comes down to the design and there is no argument Motorola has made the best looking smartwatch money can buy right now.

The developer elaborated that the device has a peculiar code-name; Smelt, has a 360×360 pixel display, and operates an Android 5.1 build. Phandroid points out that while the Smelt name sounds rather amusing, it’s also a word for a type of fish, which actually fits in with Google’s code-naming convention for in-development devices (Motorola was part of Google for a time before being bought by Lenovo), also the original Moto 360 was similarly given a fishy code-name of “Minnow”.

As of May 13, reports have emerged that the Moto 360 has appeared in a Bluetooth SIG certification listing. 

The listing on the official Bluetooth certification website shows a Motorola product with the code BTMW03. It only details that the device has Bluetooth 4.1 and is a “Motorola Android Device”, however, there is good reason to suspect the next-gen Moto 360 because the original model was listed as BTMW01. Our guess what this means? “Bluetooth Motorola Watch” followed by a number.

Moto 360 (2015) Design

So far we don’t know a lot about the Moto 360 successor, we don’t even know the name, but given Motorola’s previous approach to successor models simply having the year after their name we’re going with that as a working title for now.

Virtually all the details we’ve seen so far have involved the design of the device. The leaked resolution of 360×360 pixels is not only higher than last time, but also indicates a fully circular display. Last year’s 320×290 resolution may have looked convincing, but apparently was not a perfect circle.

Of course we’ve seen that briefcase full of accessories which indicates there will be a range of metal housings in different finishes – it’s believed the watch will feature full-metal construction. Meanwhile there is also a wide selection of straps, including metal links and leather bands in different colours. Stainless steel, rose gold, and gold, are all present and correct, though we doubt we’re looking at true gold-plating.

Lastly, the most recent snippet of info comes once again via Weibo. It’s a render showing the watch body and straps, and it appears we’re looking at a thinner shell this time round with a thinner bezel around the display too. The render also shows the “dead space” at the bottom of the display (the bit which rendered it not truly round) has been removed.


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