iPhone XI Dual-Lens Camera STAYING Put (Just Not on Cheap iPhone XI)


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Imaging. It’s one of the most important parts of a modern phone. Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X are no slouches in this regard, but what can we expect from the iPhone XI’s camera in terms of updates?

The general consensus seems to be that Apple will stick with its slow-and-steady update cycle, meaning: nothing too fancy.

There will be minor tweaks and improvements over what came before, but nothing TOO earth-shattering.

The design of the iPhone XI will likely look and feel very similar to the current model.

Apple’s two-year design cycle isn’t going anywhere, unlike the more traditional iPhone design (iPhone 8) which will no longer exist following the release of this year’s iPhone models.

That’s right: the trusty iPhone design with a home button will cease to exist later this year.

From there on out, you’ll be using FACE ID and gestures to go about your iOS business.

The two “premium iPhone XI” models will retain a dual-lens setup, according to reports, while the cheaper, entry-level iPhone XI will be stuck with a single lens sensor.

The iPhone XI WILL NOT Feature A Third Huawei P20 Pro-Style Lens

There were rumors circulating that Apple’s high-end iPhone XI release, likely called the iPhone XI Plus, would feature a third camera sensor.

Turns out this was most likely wishful thinking, though analysts believe this feature WILL come to iPhones in 2019. As I said: slow and steady.

iPhone XI Single Lens Camera

Where things get a little more interesting is Apple’s apparent choice to leave the entry-level iPhone XI with just one camera lens.


This means the camera on this phone will likely be the same one that is inside the current iPhone 8 and given the price of this phone that kind of sucks.

Why not include the iPhone X’s dual-lens camera on the entry model? That’d give users some more value for money. A reason to go for the cheaper model if they couldn’t afford the other models.

Google Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XI Plus

Google is also only using a single lens camera on its incoming Pixel 3 releases. But there is a difference here: Google uses AI and machine learning to create the effect of dual-cameras, so it is a deliberate move.

And the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were two of the best shooters in the business this year, making the incoming Google phones the ones that Apple HAS to beat in this context.

Imaging is hugely important to phone users, this is why so many brands are now drilling down so hard on it. Google is doing A LOT of work with its software and it is paying dividends right now.

Although I do have to say I am kind of disappointed that Apple isn’t including dual-lens setups on all of its 2018 releases given their reported price tags.

iPhone XI Price – How Much Will They Cost?

This is the million dollar question. Most likely, the top-end iPhone XI will cost around $1000-$1300.

The one below that, $800-$1000.

And then the entry-level model COULD be even cheaper than the current iPhone 8, around $550-$650, according to reports. But I’ll believe THAT when I see it…

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