INSIDE The Apple Watch –– What Makes It Tick?


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The Apple Watch is apparently selling like hotcakes. This was always going to be the case, though –– Apple’s hot stuff at the moment and can do no wrong. 

Pre-orders are already reportedly over three million, a figure which should net Apple around $2 billion in revenue. Not too shabby for a product nobody apparently wanted. 

Ever wondered what makes the Apple Watch tick? What all the technology and gizmos look like and how they function? Well, for those interested in such things we must take our hats off to iFixit, a tech blog which dismantles the hottest tech so you don’t have to. 

“We got the Apple Watch on our teardown table and did what we do best. With a razor blade in one hand and a filed-down tri-wing screwdriver in the other, our nimble teardown engineers (down under) got the first look under the hood of Apple’s wearable, said iFixit’s report. “Once inside, coaxing the battery out is a cinch, but the overall device construction limits further repair options. We hoped to confirm rumours of upgradable internals—but had no such luck. The S1 SiP is encased in resin, and is further held in place by a mess of glue and soldered ribbon connectors. In short, basic component replacements look nearly impossible.”




iFixit always highlights a bunch of unique stats and findings at the end of each tear-down, as well as giving the product a repairability rating –– the Apple Watch scored 5/10. Below are iFixit’s “teardown highlights for the Apple Watch”:  

  • Unsurprisingly, the S1 SiP is fully encased in resin. Our teardown engineers weren’t able to break the seal, so the exact chip-level hardware is still a mystery.
  • A 205 mAh battery seems miniscule in comparison to the 300 mAh battery found in the Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live. Hopefully, Apple’s Watch OS will help the battery hold up and avoid the problems that initially plagued the Moto 360.

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