Ilium eWallet Professional review


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The more we come to rely on our handheld devices to do everything for us, from surfing the web to paying for goods, the more important security becomes.

No-one would deliberately keep highly sensitive personal info like bank or credit card details in easy reach on their phone. But if ever-increasing internet speeds are tempting you to use for phone for day-to-day banking and shopping, it’s worth considering precautions.

Ilium’s eWallet is one of the older virtual wallet names and has gained respect for its ease of use, stylish layout and, yes, its security. The latest 6.1.2 version includes a new, easier to use sync set-up as well as support for iPhones and Blackberrys. For Windows you’ll need Pocket PC 2003 or later and Windows XP or Vista.

You start by setting a password of course, but we were slightly disappointed that it didn’t prompt us on password efficiency, as some retail websites do, rating the security of your suggested password depending on its complexity. There’s also a hint category in case you forget.

Once you’re in, You can set up folders for your cards, travel details, PIN numbers, passwords, ebay payments etc, and be reassured that they’re safe thanks to eWallet’s 256-bit encryption.

Your details are neatly filed in separate categories, with your information appearing on virtual credit cards, though you can customise these to contain any information. There are 31 card templates to choose from, or you can create your own using your saved photos, which is a nice touch.

You can set eWallet up to automatically synchronise your data with your desktop, so you’re always up to date. Where it really comes in handy is the way that it syncs with your device’s other functions. If you have a phone number stored in eWallet for example, you only have to click on it (or press it on a touchscreen device) and you’re instantly in phone mode, making the call.

You can also call up web pages and enter form information directly from eWallet, without additional typing. It’s a great little feature, but unfortunately only works with Internet Explorer for now, which almost loses it a point since we generally prefer to browse with Opera.

There’s also a menu option for selecting specific information from your virtual cards, which saves you the trouble of highlighting fields.

This is a splendidly efficient virtual wallet that makes it attractive to do more of your online business via your Windows Mobile handset.

Ilium eWallet info

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Platform: Windows Mobile

Price: £19

Developer: Ilium

Website/Demo: Ilium website

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