Horse Frenzy for iPad review


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There are plenty of inane iPad apps on the market – some are inane and fun, others are just inane and pointless, kind of like Justin Bieber.

Horse Frenzy is on the borderline, where awful and acceptable meet. There are far better free games available on the App Store, yet there are certainly plenty that are worse.

It was still surprising to see the title appear in the top charts for free apps, however, especially when you see the likes of Angry Birds  in the top 10 as well.

Horse Frenzy attempts to recreate the classic arcade game in which the player rolls balls into holes to race their horse against the opponents.

The difference is that now you can get your own stable and take care of your horses so you can win more prizes and climb the rankings tables.

To ensure your horses stay healthy and can keep up with the pace, you’ll need to keep them full of carrots and apples, whilst giving them fresh horseshoes and some muscle building training as well. As you progress you’ll be able to buy new horses too.

But that’s it – there’s nothing else to do. Just balls, race, feed, train, buy new horses, win. And you’ll soon start winning with ease.

Admittedly, for those who really want to stick at it, there are a total of five leagues to conquer and over 50 different horses to race against.

Although the initial app is free, the developers still try and flog you stuff anyway – mainly apples and horseshoes. Anyone who has nothing better to do than spend their hard earned pennies on these silly virtual gifts may want to rethink their lives.

Elsewhere, the animation is cheery enough, as is the mock country and western score, but the game loses its charm fairly quickly.

You’ll soon start to question the point of playing this game when there are so many other quality titles to be acquired for free or at least bought for a fairly low price.

It is clear that Game Circus have not tried to create a serious, immersive experience. Instead they have attempted to produce a cheery little app that will win over users with charm rather than gameplay, but they have fallen a little short of the mark.

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