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Remember when you wanted to be a DJ, but could never afford to shell out for a pair of Technics, a decent mixer and a quality pair of speakers? Yes? No?

Well if you were one of those people, then you’ll remember the misguided opinions you had when you were convinced you were going to become the next Mixmaster Mike or start wearing robot costumes and playing in front of thousands.

Those dreams never came true, but thanks to a number of games that have come out in recent times, you can at least pretend you’re smashing out some classics while sexy young things fall at your feet.

GrooveMaker, at least the free version, won’t give you the same buzz as say, DJ Hero, but that was a pretty special piece of work that had the luxury of a host of awesome tunes to mix together.

Instead, this free version will give you enough enjoyment until you want to upgrade to one of the other 14 packs, which range from house to hip hop.

The basic premise is putting together some loops, which are already in time – there’s no need for real DJ skills here, just flicking of switches, twiddling of knobs and turning up and down of volume. It’s not exactly a frustrating experience, which will delight some.

Once you’ve got the loops you want together, you can bank that ‘groove’ to bring back with the simple press of a button. You get eight of these banks in total.

You can put together a total of eight loops together and there are 125 loops to pick from, so there’s a decent amount to play around with for a free app.

There’s another range of techniques you can use when putting tunes together as well, including the ability to pan, solo a loop or shift the tempo of the entire tune.

For some, though all this will not be enough. The fact is, GrooveMaker is not for real hardened musicians who want ultimate creativity, not just loops to stitch together.

Really, GrooveMaker is for amateurs who want to see what they can create with some pre-produced beats. And in fairness, you can make some pretty awesome sounding stuff, even on this free version, but some users will feel a little limited.

Nevertheless, given there is no price tag, and that this is an extremely swish piece of kit, with simplicity a real key attribute, this is worth a download for anyone who hasn’t already got a more high-tech music production app.

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