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There are very few Twitter clients for Symbian S60 and most are disappointing – Fring and TwitterS60 especially so. Gravity appeared on our radar looking even prettier than TwitterS60 with a full screen, tabbed interface and a feature set that really drew us in.

What does this application have then that you can’t already achieve with a browser based Twitter client such as dabr.co.uk? A rarely seen feature is multi account support – essential if you manage personal and professional accounts, both on Twitter and Identi.ca (the open source Twitter).

By being an installed application for S60 rather than in the cloud, Gravity integrates much better with your phone – presenting you with thumbnails of all the images on your phone and memory card and then letting you choose to post these directly to Twitter via TwitPic, MobyPicture TwitGoo or Posterous. This makes tools such as Shozu unnecessary.

We found Gravity very quick to get to grips with, and the full screen mode made tweets fit on the screen just that little bit better. To send a tweet, you simply start typing and when you’re done hit update. When you come across a tweet from someone else you like, clicking on it will slide out a menu from under it so you can choose to Reply, ReTweet, Favourite, or Unfollow that person. Any links or mentions of other Twitter users will also appear in this menu, launching those in your phone’s browser.

Navigation is very simple. You start on the Account tab, which lets you scroll between each of your accounts, Twitter Search, Images and options for Gravity. The options are broken down nicely, and browsing through the alerts we found the application to be extremely customisable – you can assign a sound for each event and dictate how often each tab updates. There’s a section titled Info and Updates which details the changes brought about with each revision of the software and offers the latest beta to try.

Selecting one of your profiles from the Accounts tab will take you to the Timeline where scrolling up and down the list flows very smoothly. Using left and right takes you through the tabs available – Replies, Messages, My Tweets, Favourites, Friends and Followers – all of which have the tweets colour coded, making it easier to identify the source of each tweet and its context in a thread of conversation.

If you’re hooked on micro-blogging, it’s extremely likely you’ll want to assign a hotkey for this application. There’s a free trial version and then it’s a mere £7 for the full version. We think that’s a bargain.

Gravity info

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Platform: Symbian S60

Price: £7

Developer: Mobileways

Website/Demo: Gravity website

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