Graffiti Spray Can 2 for iPad review


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Ever fancy yourself as the next Banksy? Well you can certainly try your hand at it on the iPad with Graffiti Spray Can 2 – but is it any cop? Or are you better joining a getting a hoody, joining a gang and spray-painting local murals in your local area? We fine out.

OK, it may be something of a cliché to relate anything to do with the urban art form with the famous Bristolian, and it may be a little false to say you can make any strong political statements on this piece of iPad software.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty of fun and feel a little bit more ‘street’ with this free app.
There’s certainly enough variety here. For starters there’s a colour wheel that provides you with a sizeable palette, and there’s five different tips to mess around with, including solid, fade, taper, drip and drippy.
There are toggles that allow users to alter spray size and opacity as well, whilst the eraser will allow them to get rid of any mistakes they make.
Once you’ve nailed down your skills, you can try them out on 25 different backdrops, from red brick walls to what looks like the side of a disused council house. Then you can share your work with friends on Facebook or Twitter.
The app is pitched very well, which should be no surprise considering it was created by graffiti writer Phetus and his crew at the Elite Gudz studio in New York (admittedly, this reviewer has no idea whether this is a big deal or not).
You even get a soundtrack provided by PoeRilla. Not only do the three tunes make the whole experience noticeably more enjoyable, but the rapper provides some sound advice, in particular “keep your nose clean.”
It’d be great to have some more tracks to paint to, because the tunes here are surprisingly good – this coming from a folk musician as well.
What’d be really smart would be the ability to import your own library, or at least some kind of suitable playlist, into the app, so you really feel at home when creating your masterpieces.
Nevertheless, there is plenty to enjoy here and if you want to take the app to the next level, you should be able to buy stencils and music packs when the developer decides to issue an update.
Of course, you won’t get the same thrill of heading out and spray painting any public structures. But that’s illegal anyway, so who’d want to get involved with any of that?


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