Google Pixel Slate (ChromeOS Tablet) Leaks Online: Launching w/ Pixel 3?


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ChromeOS is kind of a big deal. The web-browser-based OS started life inside cheap netbook-style machines and, since then, has grown into a very popular computing platform used by millions.

Google’s been tweaking the platform over the years, adding in new features and abilities. The most significant of which being support for Android apps inside the platform, a move that added millions of potential apps to ChromeOS.

There has also been talk of Google merging Android and ChromeOS into one, super-platform, though I think this is more wishful thinking than anything else.

The reason to add Android apps to ChromeOS was to make it more usable. Another reason? Because Google had a ChromeOS tablet planned ages ago…

A ChromeOS Tablet Device

In a bid to take the right to Apple’s iPad Pro, Google is clearly thinking outside the box. Rather than just serve up another Android tablet, The Big G is instead using its useful, popular ChromeOS instead.

You still get Android apps, of course, just in a more PC/Laptop-like UX experience. The Google Pixel Slate will come with a keyboard too; though not much else is known about its specs right now.


We do know what it will look like, thanks to a leak from MySmartPrice but, for now, that’s about all we know.

According to the source of the leak, Google is working on making a variety of these devices – one for every price point, apparently.

Why ChromeOS?

Well, for one, it is incredibly lightweight. I have a three-year-old Chromebook Pixel that stills runs as fast today as it did way back in 2015.

For this reason, you don’t need insane specs to get performance from it; and, I imagine this will be the same for Google’s Pixel Slate.

And it is this ability that could help Google make the Pixel Slate very attractive to consumers; if it retails for a lot less than the iPad Pro, but packs in much the same functionality, Google could make a lot of new friends with this slate device.

The Pixel Slate will come with a stylus and a keyboard. The meat and potatoes of the device, however, will be the slate itself. I have no idea what kind of spec it will carry, but I’d be willing to wager than it will run on Snapdragon chipsets.

As for the price? No idea right now. Things could start around $500 and top out at $1000 for the high-end model. But that is pure speculation on my part, so, please, do not take that as gospel.

Either way, this is certainly an interesting development for the non-iPad tablet world!

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