Google Home Max vs. Apple HomePod: Sound Quality Test Results


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Apple’s HomePod is here and the sole purpose of it, while Apple gets Siri up to task, is to outperform the existing options in the space – Amazon Echo and Google Home – in the sound department.

Apple made a big deal about the sound quality its HomePod would produce. It talked about it at launch and, once reviewers got their hands on it, Apple was careful to ensure that all early reviewers were “on message” – and the message was the sound was awesome.

If you look at any reviews online, you will see that most seem to agree that Apple’s HomePod does indeed serve up excellent sound quality. This sound quality, combined with its design, and the fact it is an Apple product, is why the HomePod costs so much – its pricier than the Google Home Max and the Sonos One.

But here’s the thing: Google’s Home Max is apparently better when it comes to overall sound quality than Apple’s HomePod. At least, that was the finding of Yahoo’s David Pogue, who did a blind test of the Google Home Max, Apple HomePod, Sonos One, and Amazon Echo Plus.

This test wasn’t done on a grand scale, however – Pogue appears to have used a few friends and colleagues, just a handful of regular people. According to Pogue, the majority of those in attendance said the Sonos One was the best, closely followed by the Google Home Max.

Where it gets more interesting, however, is when you consider the price of these devices: Google Home Max comes in at $399, compared to the HomePod’s $349 and the Sonos One’s $199 – so the cheapest is actually the best, followed by the second cheapest.

And Pogue’s test isn’t the only one that has placed Google Home Max and the SONOS One above the Apple HomePod. Consumer Reports recently filed a test which showed the same thing – Apple’s HomePod was not as well liked as the One and Home Max.

Plus, Google Home Max runs Google Assistant and, while it is not perfect, it is LEAGUES ahead of Siri in terms of features and abilities.

Interesting stuff, especially since Google Home Max is quite a bit cheaper than Apple’s HomePod. Ditto the Sonos One, which ships with Amazon Alexa.

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