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The Free Translator application is similar to having a phrasebook on your phone; you can translate words from a wide range of global languages to an equally long list of languages.

The major selling point of Free Translator is its ease of use. You simply select the source language and the target language using brightly coloured flags, types in the phrase that you want to have translated, and press the ‘go’ button. It really is that simple.

Although it offers a rather basic service, Free Translator is a free app and hence, very good value for money. When using Free Translator, you are provided with a link to the language’s iPhone dictionary, for a more extensive list of words. The drawback with this option is that the individual dictionaries are very expensive in comparison, and may not be of interest to those who have downloaded a free application.

The Free Translator’s simplicity is its best, and worst, feature. Its ease and speed of use makes it a very handy quick-fix solution, but this brings with it a number of distinct disadvantages. It doesn’t offer a phonetic feature, so you will not know how to correctly pronounce the term.

It also doesn’t offer any context in how the word would be used in its native language. There is also no explanation of grammatical implications, leading us to believe that sentences are directly translated. This means that a sentence of seven words may well be translated into seven separate words, rather than words that can be put into an orderly sentence. The limitations of this aspect are obvious, meaning that, rather than being a complete phrasebook, the Free Translator is only going to be of benefit if you’re looking to find a specific word or term.

An example of this last issue is its inability to distinguish between two phrases such as ‘I read’ (present tense) , and ‘I read’ (past tense). This problem perfectly demonstrates its limitations as anything more than a like for like word translator.

It is important to stress though that, as a free application, this Free Translator is very useful and efficient. Its major benefit is its fail-safe methodology; anyone can pick it up and use it, without requiring a tutorial.

Free Translator info

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Platform: Apple iPhone

Price: Free

Developer: Codesign

Website/Demo: N/A

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