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News feeds are perhaps the easiest way to keep up-to-date with your favourite sources without trawling through a dozen newspapers and websites.

The Forbes Mobile Reader lets you collate articles from the UK and US Forbes sites on your BlackBerry, for free. To help fund it, there are some ads within the app, but they’re discreet and don’t significantly infringe on your experience using the Forbes Mobile Reader.

Its trump card is a very simple, attractive interface that segments the news into a handful of different categories- Business, Technology, Markets, Entrepreneurs, Leadership, Personal Finance, Forbes Life and Opinions. You can scroll between these simply using left and right motions, while moving down scrolls through the list of news items.

Since few users are going to be interested in reading all of these sections. Forbes Mobile reader also lets your tailor the app. You can remove categories at will, making the feeds even easier to navigate once you’ve got your optimum setup in place. It doesn’t matter if you accidentally switch between category columns either as Forbes Mobile Life keeps your place in each of the columns, meaning you can just switch back without having to search for a news item again.

Although Forbes does come up with some interesting news items, there’s an additional tab where you can add your own custom news feeds. In ‘My Feeds’, you can add any additional sources you want synchronised with the app.

These all stay within one feeds column, meaning that Forbes Mobile Reader, unsurprisingly is always going to be strongly Forbes-orientated. More problematic for UK users is the fact that you don’t have any control where the Forbes news comes from.

Although news comes in from the US and UK sites, there are no filters to leave out truly US-centric articles. In fact, the great majority of the news comes from the US site, meaning you might find it as alienating as it is informative.

For this reason, if you’re a regular newsfeed user, you’ll probably want to invest on a more versatile reader. However, considering that it’s a free app that’s pleasant and easy to use, if you can acclimatise yourself to Forbes’ content, the Forbes Mobile Reader is well worth a download.

Forbes Mobile Reader info

Ease of use:

Platform: BlackBerry

Price: Free

Developer: Forbes

Website/Demo: Forbes


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