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As its name suggests, FlightTrack Pro keeps track of your flights, listing all sorts of useful and relevant information for your journey. You can type in your flight number and departure date manually, or use the online TripIt service instead.

Once you’ve set up an account on the TripIt website and entered your account details into FlightTrack Pro, you simply forward any emails containing flight details to TripIt and the details will be automatically synchronised with your iPhone. In our tests, FlightTrack Pro had no trouble deciphering emailed itineraries from Virgin Atlantic and Expedia.co.uk.

For each flight, the app displays the current departure and landing times, along with any news of delays or cancellations, the aircraft model, which terminal you’ll be leaving from and arriving at, as well as the departure and arrival gates. For American airports, you can also view 10-day weather forecasts and any airport-wide delays that could affect your departure or arrival. For some airports, it will even display the number of your baggage carousel.

For flights to and from the US, it will even display a map of the aircraft’s route along with its altitude and speed. This feature won’t work at all without a network connection, so you can’t use it in-flight unless your plane offers an Internet connection, which is still rare. In any case, it’s more fun than useful feature.

FlightStats.com and FlightView.com provide all of this information. They get their information from the airlines themselves, so it’s as accurate as can be. However, information on private or specially chartered flights won’t be available. You’ll need to be online to receive any info updates, but when you’re in the air, and without Internet access, you’ll still be able to view all your flight details from the last time you were connected.

If you’re crossing time zones and want to avoid confusion, don’t change your iPhone’s time settings until you’ve landed and reconnected to the Internet. Otherwise, all your flight times will change, so they match your current time zone, whether those flights originate in your current time zone or not. Thankfully, re-establish a connection and FlightTrack Pro will re-source the correct times.

Despite this bug, FlightTrack Pro is an invaluable tool if you fly regularly, especially if your itinerary involves multiple flights and destinations. If you can live without the TripIt synchronisation and airport weather information, the standard version of FlightTrack is £3 cheaper.

FlightTrack Pro 1.2 info

Ease of use:
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Platform: iPhone/iPod touch

Price: £5.99

Developer: Ben Kazez

Website/Demo: FlightTrack Pro website

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