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One of the benefits of owning an iPhone is that you don’t need to carry around both a phone and MP3 player with you, and that you can use it as a GPS while driving as well. One thing that many office-inhabiting individuals do still have to have jangling around in their pockets though is a USB memory stick. File Sharing attempts to rid your pocket of one more bit of clutter by allowing you to transfer files around using your beloved iPhone.

You can connect with File Sharing using either a PC or Mac. We tested it on a PC, following the instructions on the different options for connecting. Which way you connect you iPhone, you will need Wi-Fi active to do so. When you first fire up the application it will give you an IP address at the bottom of the interface.

Punching the IP address into a web browser such as Firefox will bring you to screen where you can upload files to your iPhone from your PC. Doing so is self explanatory and just like adding an attachment to an email. Once you’ve uploaded the file to your iPhone you can view it there using File Sharing, but only if it’s a recognised file type such as a .jpg. If you upload a .doc (Microsoft Word document), you wont be able to view it there.

You can also add your iPhone to the ‘My Computer’ screen as a network drive. However, despite spending some time tinkering, we couldn’t get our copy of Windows XP to recognise the IP address. Similarly, even using the browser method above, we sometimes had trouble uploading files as it wouldn’t recognise the address all the time.

The settings allow for simple things such as showing file extensions and, perhaps more important, adding a password to access your iPhone from your PC, but not much more than that.

While it’s an attractive idea – to lose another gadget from your overburdened pockets – File Sharing isn’t quite up to snuff. Assuming you always had access to Wi-Fi at all times, the fact that it is flakey in its functionality more or less nullifies it as a portable memory stick. It may be inconvenient having to remember to take a USB key around but, at the end of the day, when you plug it in to transfer a file, you can pretty much guarantee that its going to work every time.

File Sharing Info

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Platform: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Version of app: 1.3

Price: £1.19

Developer: Softalk Ltd

Website/Demo: Softalk Ltd’s website

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