Etymotic Etyblu2 review


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The etyBlu2 is custom-fit headphone specialist Etymotic’s premium Bluetooth headset.

As is to be expected of Etymotic, the etyBlu2 is built to a very high standard and provides exceptional sound quality during calls, apparently thanks to Etymotic’s ACCU-Noise Reduction Technology.

The etyBlu2 also has several choices of earbud and boom-mic cover as well ensuring easy charging via a USB port. All this premium quality comes at a cost though – meaning the etyBlu2 has a premium price tag to match.

Sadly, as with so many great things, there is so often a downside – chocolate makes you fat, super cars ruin the ozone layer and the etyBlu2 makes you look like a 1980’s TV presenter.

Although there is no question that boom mic Bluetooth headsets provide better sound clarity to the recipient of your call than a small in-ear type headset, there is always the trade-off with not wanting to look like you work in a call centre.

Despite its image problem the etyBlu2 is one of the better Bluetooth headsets we’ve tried. It charges in couple of hours and sounds good, including blocking out external noise – perhaps a little too well (if you forget and leave it in, you are essentially deaf in that ear).

The etyBlu2 is also easy to use and can be controlled by varying lengths or number of presses on the concealed button on the outside of the headset – allowing redialing, three-way calling, transferring calls as well as the usual ability to answer, hang up and reject calls one normally finds.

A small point that should also be mentioned, but will not come as a surprise to previous Etymotic customers, is the intrusive ear bud – as we’ve found on some Etymotic headphones, the earbud can reach quite deep into the ear which, although good for sound quality and external noise reduction, can be uncomfortable for some users when worn for prolonged periods.

Essentially, the main, if not the only fault with the etyBlu2 is it does everything you’d expect from a Bluetooth headset exceptionally well – including making you look like an idiot.

For sound quality, only the occasional interference occurred in the form of a crackle during testing (normally when close to other electronic equipment).

The external sound reduction is exceptional and the feedback we had from those spoken to was that most said they did not realise a headset was being used.

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