Early Nintendo Switch Sales “Better Than Wii”


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The hype around the Nintendo Switch was immense. No one was immune. And now that the console is official, it appears that all that hype was justified, as sales so far have been very impressive.

The Nintendo Switch, according to Nintendo’s sales metrics, which, it must be noted, are rather bizarre, is already the company’s fastest-selling console of all time.

We say, odd, because they are basing the sales figures (and the success of the console so far) and just a few day’s worth of sales data.

Things could change in a week, or a month.

Based on this data, the Nintendo Switch sold more units in the US at a faster rate than the Nintendo Wii – the biggest selling console Nintendo has ever made.

This is exactly what Nintendo would have been hoping for. The company’s last console update failed to do the business, so Nintendo needed the Switch to succeed in a big way.

Based on the hype around the console, initial reviews and the fact that some are calling the new Zelda game the greatest game ever created, the Nintendo Switch appears to be in a very solid position right now.

“Many of the folks buying a Switch this past weekend no doubt purchased it with the intent of playing Breath of the Wild. Not only is it a fantastic game, but it’s one that directly appeals to Nintendo’s loyalest fans,” reports Business Insider.

I don’t see the hype machine winding down any time soon, either. Not with the big, flagship Mario game scheduled for release during 2017’s holiday season.

Nintendo has staggered big-name game releases for the Switch, and the reason for this, I believe, is to generate regular news bombs throughout the year, leading up to Christmas 2017, where Nintendo will almost certainly sell a ton of Switch consoles.

Q4 is ALWAYS the biggest sales period for console makers. But I believe Nintendo’s gamble of releasing the Switch in March has paid off; it will generate impressive sales throughout 2017 with a massive spike during Q4 in the run up to Christmas.

Impressive stuff all round, Nintendo.

Best Places To Buy Nintendo Switch In The UK

All the major UK retailers are now selling the Nintendo Switch for £279.

Best Place To Buy Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Most places are retailing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for £49.99, though you can pick yourself up a copy at Game Seek for £46.50.

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