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Cooliris has been around on desktop PCs for a while now. If someone walks past your screen and sees you using it, they’re guaranteed to stop in their tracks and ask you what it is. It just looks so damned cool. It’s a photo and video browsing app where preview images are arranged in parallel rows on a black background, and you can run through them with a flick of the index finger. Selecting images for close ups and then emailing them to a friend will have you reminiscing over Spielberg’s Minority report in no time.

It was originally made as a more convenient way to perform image searches on websites such as Google. Rather than typing in ‘mountains’ for example, and then having to click ‘next’ to view one page after another, Cooliris delivers one long stream of images for you browse.

The iPhone version is laden with useful functionality, although to use some features you’ll need to head over to www.cooliris.com and create an account first. Google’s image search has been worked into the app, along with Yahoo, DeviantART, Flikr and YouTube, with the latter providing video rather than images. Simply type into the search field what you’re after, and Cooliris will add them to the preview wall.

Once you’ve smoothly sifted through the images, you simply tap on one for a closer inspection. A menu bar then appears along the bottom of screen, allowing you add them to Twitter or your Cooliris favorites folder, email them to someone, download them to your iPhone photo library or view information about the file.
You can also subscribe to RSS feeds such as Digg: Reel Funny Videos, a good way to kill some time if you can afford the battery life. However, we found that some feeds can be a bit flakey and don’t work all the time.

Sadly, the iPhone doesn’t have the processing power of a PC. Cooliris is a relatively lightweight application on a modern PC, but loading it up on the iPhone makes it seem like a bloated mammoth of an application in comparison. It’s also not quite as slick due to restraints in computing power. Although the interface is easy to use, the iPhone struggles to keep up sometimes.

We tested it on an iPhone 3G, and people with an iPhone 3G S should suffer less. Cooliris is a great way to view and share photos and videos on your iPhone and definitely worth a tinker considering it is a free app.

Cooliris Info

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Platform: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Version of app: 1.3

Price: Free

Developer: Cooliris Inc

Website/Demo: Cooliris Inc’s website

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