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From the outset, Clearec’s Mixx Mobile promises much – music industry quality ringtones no less, mixed with tools very similar to those used by professional sound engineers. For the most part it delivers too, but you’ll probably need to be prepared for a steep learning curve to get there.

We were a bit put off initially by the tiny text of the menus, which had us squinting to read them. Happily, the text on the tools was much more legible.

The basic interface is like a simplified version of professional sound editing programmes such as ProTools, in that you see each tune as a series of separate tracks (up to six) waiting to be mixed. You can assemble tracks in blocks of sound which you can then tweak to your own specifications.

When you play back a tune, a line moves across from left to right and you can see the dynamics of each track as it plays. You can cut out or add elements to tracks, and move them around to create new tunes.

The easiest way to get started is to import a track from your music library (it will accept MP3, WAV, OGG and even lossless FLAC files, which drops the hint that this is a programme created by musicians for musicians). Any track will do, though helpfully Clearec also provides some original tunes as downloads, which are already separated into individual tracks.

Once it’s loaded you can identify the bit you want (an isolated drum pattern or bass line for example), highlight it, and remove the rest of the track. You can then duplicate it so it repeats as many times as you like. A loop option would have been nice here, but since this is a programme designed for short ringtones, rather than epic soundscapes, it’ll do.

You can then add your other elements to build up a professional sounding mix. As well as prerecorded tracks you can also record new sounds with your phone and import them – essential for shout-outs and bigging up one’s personal posse. You can also add effects like adjusting pitch and playing clips backward.

As with professional mixing software, you’ll need to take care with your mix to avoid it sounding like the worst kind of mash-up. Fortunately there’s a zoom option that lets you blow up a track to full screen size, which makes tweaking a lot easier.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece you can save it to your phone’s ringtone list or send it to a friend via Bluetooth. Come to think of it, personalised ringtones could make for a not-bad birthday gift.

It’s not for everyone – there are easier ways to create ringtones for your phone, but not many that give you this amount of scope to be creative. If you have patience and a creative itch that’s just got to be scratched, it’s a great little system.

Clearec Mixx info

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Platform: Windows Mobile

Price: £12

Developer: Clearec

Website/Demo: Clearec website

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