CES 2016: Best New Products & Announcements


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The annual international Consumer Electronics Show kicked off into high gear this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is THE flagship show for all the cool, weird, and just downright wacky tech coming out this year. Though major tech companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon generally eschew the show in favor for their own, more controlled, events later in the year CES still offers plenty of previews of the coolest upcoming tech from dozens of major companies.

There’s one thing to keep in mind, however. Just because something is unveiled at CES doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll make it to market. Most of the things shown off there will, but there are plenty of devices that companies love to show off just to get attention from the press and public—things like rollable displays or concept smart cars that are still years away from a consumer release. That being said, there’s a ton of stuff unveiled to get your hands on in 2016. Here’s a mashup of both our favorite prototypes and the actual consumer products that have been unveiled at this year’s CES so far.

FFZERO1 Concept Car


This smart car, from Faraday Future, is the automobile of our dreams. It’s got over 1000 horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 in just three seconds. Inside, its steering wheel doubles as a docking station for your smartphone, turning your handheld into a connected copilot. The best thing about the FFZERO1, however, of course, is its futuristic design, as if a 23rd-century Batman created the car himself. Don’t expect to buy the FFZERO1 anytime soon, however. It’s only a concept for now.

Withings Go Activity Tracker


For something more down to earth—and available much sooner—we love the new Withings Go activity tracker. It features an all e-ink display that’s always on, so you can always see your activity progression at a quick glance. The e-ink display also allows for great battery life, running off of just a standard watch battery that lasts eight months. The Go can automatically detect different types of activity, like running or walking, and is also waterproof, so you can use it in the pool.

The ASUS 15.6-inch portable USB-C display


One of the coolest things to come out of CES is the ASUS MB196C+ portable display. This is a 15.6-inch USB-C portable display that’s thin enough to slip into your laptop bag. The aim of the device is to provide a bigger primary or secondary screen for your smaller portable devices, such as a 12-inch MacBook. It’ll work with any computer that sports new USB-C ports and pest of all the display is also charged through the USB-C port, so there’s no power brick to carry around.

Smarter’s Fridge Cam


This little device received a lot of ribbing on social media when it was shown off. It’s a wireless camera you install in your refrigerator. The idea is that you can then peek inside your fridge at any time—such as when you are away from home—via the companion smartphone app to see what food you have available. That way you know what to buy on your way home so you don’t need to run out again once you get there. Yeah, it’s not something you NEED, but it’s a great convenience devices for those what want a totally connected everything in their home.

Hydrao Smart Shower


Speaking of the smart home…the Hydrao Smart Shower is a smart shower head that shows you exactly how much water you are using. It’s a great device for the eco-conscious. It works via a built-in LED light that lights up in one of three different colors. Each subsequent color means you’ve passed a certain water amount used threshold: five gallons, seven gallons and ten gallons.

EHang 184 Human Drone


Thought that smart car was the only vehicle at CES? Think again. One of our favorites of the show is the EHang 184 human drone. Yep, this is a drone that you can fly IN. The drone is almost five feet tall and weighs 440 pounds. It is built to carry a single passenger for 23 minutes. Max speed? 60MPH. But again, don’t think you are going to be taking this thing for a quick jaunt around the city any time soon. For now the EHang 184 is just a concept—but boy do we want one.

Sensorwake Alarm Clock


But perhaps our favorite device this year is an alarm clock. Yep—an alarm clock. But not like one you’ve ever used. That’s because the Sensorwake alarm clock doesn’t use loud beeps or music to jolt you out of bed in the morning. Instead it uses SMELLS. Yeah, smells. Set a time and the Sensorwake will unleash a blast of scents including coffee, croissants, chocolate, peppermint, the seaside, and the jungle. The scents are contained in interchangeable capsules good for 30 uses each. And if a scent doesn’t wake you up, not to worry, the Sensorwake has a backup sound alarm too.

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