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It’s one of the modern world’s bitterest ironies that despite possessing enhanced levels of communication our ancestors could only dream of, we’re worse than ever at keeping in touch with our loved ones.

We have mobile phones, Skype, email and goodness knows what else, yet we still forget to make regular contact with family members. To make matters even more laughable, we spend hours of our week posting largely pointless drivel to people we hardly know via social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter.

If that opening segment has made you feel suitably admonished then we’ve achieved our aim, which leads us neatly into the review of an excellent app known as Call Your Folks! As you might gather from the title, this download aims to right the wrongs previously mentioned and get you back in touch with your close family.

Its premise is devilishly simple. You select a family member you want to keep in regular contact with and then set yourself a reminder to ring them. The time span can be everything from a single day to every three months, and you can set multiple reminders for several different people. While the app is intended to bring you closer to your kith and kin, you could also use it for other contacts, such as business partners.

Outside of that, there’s very little else that Call Your Folks! is capable of. To be brutally honest there’s nothing here that can’t be achieved with your Android phone’s own Google Calendar application – it allows you to set periodical reminders and decide upon how often they reoccur.

However, Call Your Folks! makes it a little more obvious, and seasoned Google Calendar users will attest that it’s all too easy to ignore reminders in that particular application.

If you’re unconvinced of how useful Call Your Folks! might be then you can download a lite version which only permits you to setup two reminders (the paid-for edition allows unlimited entries). We have to admit we were initially sceptical, but after a week or so it became abundantly clear that the increased contact with family members was reaping benefits – not only in their delight, but in our own sense of satisfaction and wellbeing.

In a world that is all too ready to abandon traditional forms of communication for 140-character tweets and tiresome ‘like’ buttons, Call Your Folks! recalls a bygone era when phones were actually used for talking, and is a thoroughly recommended download for those of you who are terrible at keeping in touch.

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