Bowmaster HD for iPad review


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That’s not to say it’s a terrible game, though. The graphics are perfectly charming, for starters with five levels of fine 3D portraying various sylvan landscapes.

There’s also some evocative folk music to take you back to the olden times, as well as some interesting characters to challenge with names like Fitzroy the Swift. They make some fairly amusing signs when they successfully hit something as well.

The game is a real challenge at points too, as you try and hit the moving animal targets, and can get fairly addictive if somewhat frustrating.

It’s in the controls where the game falls down. As hard as the developers have tried to create something resembling realism, they haven’t succeeded.

You use the iPad’s tilt device to look around your landscape, aim with the left thumb and use the right to draw back and let fly. Sounds easy, yes? It’s not.

You have to wrestle with the iPad to get your aim right and in doing so you tilt the device, meaning that when you return from a shot your character will start looking off elsewhere.

This becomes a real problem when you want to hit a target repeatedly so you get that rewarding K.O symbol (not sure how you can knock out wooden images of animals, but there you are).

Aiming can become a nightmare to judge as you’ll find yourself having to fire rapidly and with little accuracy when you have to face sharper opponents.

This is all despite the developers claiming to have brought natural archery mechanics into the game. Not sure real archers would agree with that claim.

The whole thing is a little limited as well – there’s only six levels. Admittedly, you have to defeat opponents twice to progress and it difficulty levels get pretty darn high, but you’d like a little more, even despite the game’s shortcomings.

For anyone who does fall in love with the game, though, as it appears some have done, then there are a number of achievements you can challenge yourself with such as killing a certain number of animals.

There’s also a multiplayer mode, which you can enjoy, on one device, where you’ll be tasked with hitting the target for points.

Added up, it’s not a bad app and not bad value (you get the first three levels free). It just doesn’t dazzle.

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