Best Place To Buy Apple AirPods Right Now


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I guess you could say it was inevitable: Apple’s mega-popular AirPods were sold out almost everywhere right before Christmas. The tiny wireless earbuds have been a hit since Apple introduced them earlier this year.

Rave reviews. Millions of satisfied users. These are just a couple of the things that make Apple’s AirPods special. They’re packed with features, some you might not know about, and they perform brilliantly while managing to sit snugly in your ear canal.

Google attempted to take the fight to Apple with its PixelBuds, but this attack failed. Spectacularly. Google’s PixelBuds sucked basically with poor battery life, poor sound quality, and they are extremely uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.

Apple’s AirPods are pricey, though, so if you’re looking at something a little cheaper, you should definitely check out these bad boys, as they’re wireless, cheap, and work with both Android and iOS. Ideal if you’re platform agnostic and just want a pair of reliable, wireless earbuds.

If you’re 100% sold on Apple’s AirPods, however, read on, as we detail the best places to buy them in the US and UK.  

AT&T And Carphone Warehouse

Many third-party retailers are sold out of the devices already–just as are Apple stores. However, in the US, AT&T’s online store still has some AirPods available as of the time of this writing. Likewise, in the UK Carphone Warehouse still has the coveted devices available. Other major retailers like John Lewis, Target, and Best Buy appear to be currently sold out at the time of this writing, but it’s worth checking out their online stores for in-store availability in case there are a few locations that found some AirPods sitting snuggly in the back warehouse.


If you don’t make it to the above in time to grab some AirPods, your next best bet is to try eBay. Plenty of sellers are selling the AirPods at a “Buy It Now” (ie: no bidding) price of £/$200-250. Yeah, you’re going to pay a premium. It’s a supply and demand thing, you know? eBay also has very good seller protection–so if you buy the AirPods and they look scuffed or just don’t work, it’s really easy to get a refund.


Gumtree And Craigslist

Online classified sites also have several AirPods listed for sale. In the UK, try Gumtree, where some can be had for around £200. In the US, try Craigslist where they range from $175–250. But just keep in mind with buying from sites like these: you don’t have the buyer protections eBay offers and it’s sometimes easy to get scammed on online classified sites. If you do find a pair of AirPods you want to buy, never send them money without seeing the product. It’s always best to meet the seller in a well-lit, public location (think: Starbucks) and try out the product first. Then, if you are satisfied, hand over the cash.

From Third-Party Sellers On Amazon

You’re not limited to buying from third-party one-off sellers on classifieds sites. People are also selling their AirPods on Amazon. Right now on Amazon UK, they are going for between £170 and £210 pounds. It’s a small premium, but it won’t break the bank. Also, Amazon offers very good seller protection policies, that make it very easy for you to get a refund if the item is not as described.

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