Best Cheap Xbox One Controllers – What’re Your Options?


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If you’re running an Xbox or PS4 chances are you will have noticed how expensive additional controllers are. Prices range anywhere from $40 to $50 and this makes the price of them rather prohibitive for some.

But there is another way – an unofficial way, and it is a lot cheaper.

I’m talking about clone Xbox One controllers; controllers not made by Microsoft that aren’t official but will still work with your Xbox console.

I know, I know – this sounds dodgy as hell. But stick with me.

The reason I decided to do this article was because a buddy of mine recently bought a couple of clone controllers for his Xbox. He likes plating FIFA with his buddies, but he didn’t want to pony up the best part of $100 for two additional controllers.

When I asked how he was getting on with these “clones”, to my surprise, he stated raving about them, said they worked perfectly and the only difference between them, that he could discern, was that they didn’t feature an Xbox logo on the front.

He said his mates didn’t even know they were using clone controllers until he told them. The functionality was there, the feel was there; everything was spot on apparently. And the best part? Some of these controllers cost less than $20.

Best Place To Buy Cheap Xbox One Controllers?

eBay – they have TONS of options for your to look through before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

This is the one my buddy bought. He picked it because it’s wireless and supports Xbox One.


But if you’re rocking an Xbox 360 there are tons of options available as well – more, actually.

Another option, if you’re in the US, is Rock Candy. These are more pricy, though, and are available at Best Buy and Toys “R” Us, but if you’re going to pay $39.99 for a controller you might as well just spend another $10 and get the proper, Microsoft one.

Power A White Wired Controller


Though this controller also comes in green and black, we’re a fan of the white version. It just looks badass. The Power A controller is a great choice considering its only £23.36 on Amazon. The controller is fully compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X and features dual rumble motors. You also get a three-meter wired cable with it that features a breakaway split, so everything doesn’t come crashing down if someone trips over the cable. It also features a 3.5mm audio jack.

Afterglow Prismatic Wired Controller


This controller features amazing prismatic LED lighting that allows the controller to cycle through a variety of colors as you use it–or just choose one color to display. The controller boasts the highest quality ALPS analog sticks available along with dual rumble motors. On the bottom of the controller, you’ll also find dual multi-function wheels that are programmable with six different actions. Best of all the controller is only £34.99 at Amazon.

Power A Mini Wired Controller


Admittedly this controller isn’t for everyone. That’s because of its small size. But that small size makes it the perfect controller for children or travelers. It’s fully compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. It features dual rumble motors, impulse triggers, a new Hexagon Micro-Textured Undercarriage, new color options, and a new 3.5 audio jack. Plus its damn cute. You can grab one for £24.99 on Amazon.

Spectra Illuminated Wired Controller


Another Power A product has made the list. Why so many, you ask? It’s because they are officially licensed by Microsoft so you know the quality is good. As for the Spectra, it boasts a multi-colored, illuminated controller with 255 different combinations of illumination that makes it one of the most customizable Xbox One controller in history. You also get dual rumble motors and impulse triggers for that authentic feedback. And of course, a three-meter breakaway cable is included. Grab yours for just £29.99 on Amazon.

YOTOSAN Xbox One Controller


The YOTOSAN is one of the more expensive Xbox controllers, not his list, but at only £32.99 on Amazon, it’s still a lot cheaper than a Microsoft-branded Xbox controller. One of the main features of this controller is its transparent shell with an LED inside. The shell’s casing is anti scratch–a nice touch. The YOTOSAN features a Double Shock-vibration feedback motor, so you can feel the hits you take in a game. Finally, it has a built-in lithium battery, which can be charged via micro USB. Oh, and in addition to working with the Xbox, this controller also works with Windows 7/8/10 systems.



We’re in love with the way the ZD W-PRO looks. It’s got a beautiful blue body and illuminated XYAB buttons. The ZD W-PRO features a JD-switch function that allows you to switch the function of the D-pad and the left stick. Inside you’ll find a lithium ion battery and full vibration feedback–but note, this feedback is only when you use this controller with Windows PC. The feedback isn’t available for Xbox. You can pick up the ZD W-PRO on Amazon for £32.99.

QUMOX USB Wired Gamepad


While the controllers above are way cheaper than Microsoft-branded Xbox One controllers, you can save even more money if you opt for a wired controller. Yeah, it’s 2017 and no one likes wires anymore, but a cheap wired controller could be a godsend if you only keep it around as a spare in the event that something happens to your wireless controllers. A great third-party wired Xbox One controller choice is the QUMOX USB Wired Gamepad. It’s only £17.99 on Amazon and if features a compact, ergonomic design with a built-in shock vibration feedback motor. And one of the best things about it being a wired controller: it never needs recharging.

Gator Claw


By far this is the cheapest option for third-party Xbox controllers on this list. The Gator Claw is a barebones, wired controller that gets the job done—just don’t expect a lot of extra bells and whistles. For just £10.99 on Amazon you get the controller with its three meter USB cable—and that’s about it. Be warned the the Gator Claw doesn’t have the best response times according to some reviews. However, if you’re just looking for a cheap controller to have as a spare in case of an emergency, for just over a tenner this one isn’t a bad deal.

A Word On Quality

While most of these clone controllers will be OK, there’s no guarantees in the long run. When it comes to tech, you really do get what you pay for and things like controllers are a massive pain in the butt when they break or go on the fritz.

These cheap clone controllers are great options for spares or for when you have friends over. I don’t think I’d ever use one as my main controller. As a back-up or supplementary setup, they’re fine. Just be mindful that when you buy cheap, more often than not, you end up buying twice.

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