Best Cheap Xbox One Controllers – What’re Your Options?


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If you’re running an Xbox or PS4 chances are you will have noticed how expensive additional controllers are. Prices range anywhere from $40 to $50 and this makes the price of them rather prohibitive for some. Here we’re going to take a look at some of the best cheap Xbox One controllers you can buy right now…

Power A White Wired Controller

Though this controller also comes in green and black, we’re a fan of the white version. It just looks badass. The Power A controller is a great choice considering its only £23.36 on Amazon. The controller is fully compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X and features dual rumble motors. You also get a three-meter wired cable with it that features a breakaway split, so everything doesn’t come crashing down if someone trips over the cable. It also features a 3.5mm audio jack.

Afterglow Prismatic Wired Controller

This controller features amazing prismatic LED lighting that allows the controller to cycle through a variety of colors as you use it–or just choose one color to display. The controller boasts the highest quality ALPS analog sticks available along with dual rumble motors. On the bottom of the controller, you’ll also find dual multi-function wheels that are programmable with six different actions.

Power A Mini Wired Controller

Admittedly this controller isn’t for everyone. That’s because of its small size. But that small size makes it the perfect controller for children or travelers. It’s fully compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. It features dual rumble motors, impulse triggers, a new Hexagon Micro-Textured Undercarriage, new color options, and a new 3.5 audio jack. Plus it’s damn cute.

Spectra Illuminated Wired Controller

Another Power A product has made the list. Why so many, you ask? It’s because they are officially licensed by Microsoft so you know the quality is good. As for the Spectra, it boasts a multi-colored, illuminated controller with 255 different combinations of illumination that makes it one of the most customizable Xbox One controller in history. You also get dual rumble motors and impulse triggers for that authentic feedback. And of course, a three-meter breakaway cable is included.


We’re in love with the way the ZD W-PRO looks. It’s got a beautiful blue body and illuminated XYAB buttons. The ZD W-PRO features a JD-switch function that allows you to switch the function of the D-pad and the left stick. Inside you’ll find a lithium-ion battery and full vibration feedback–but note, this feedback is only when you use this controller with Windows PC. The feedback isn’t available for Xbox.

Best Place To Buy Cheap Xbox One Controllers?

As with most things, if you’re looking for a great deal on a cheap Xbox controller, Amazon is one of the best places to look first – that’s where we got ours from.

eBay is very good too, especially if you’re looking at picking up a second-hand, official Xbox controller. If that’s your thing, eBay is definitely worth a look, as it has TONS of options for cheap Xbox controllers, ranging from official models to third-party ones.

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