Battery App Pro with Themes & Photo Import review


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One of the main reasons people jailbreak their iPhone or iPod touch is customisation. By freeing the device from Apple’s iron grip you can plaster it with custom-made graphics on most every screen. It’s a small matter, in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not incredibly appealing and popular (just look at the industry built around mobile wallpaper screens).

Without jailbreaking, your options are severely limited. It took several models of iPhone and four full iterations of the firmware before you could use a photo as the home screen’s background. But there are apps out there that try their best to harness the appeal of customisation, and Battery App Pro is blazing this particular trail.

This app looks to add custom graphics and personal photos to the iPhone or iPod touch’s battery charging screen. Instead of the basic green battery meter, you can add a host of imaginative themes to brighten up the power gauge. These themes range from animal skins to sports teams, country flags and fancy graphics, with more available to buy through in-app purchases.

Most importantly, however, there’s room for four customised themes. By editing these themes you can load any image from your camera roll into the battery meter, and see it gradually diminished or revealed as the battery drains and charges respectively. The image can be scaled to make it fit the battery icon properly, and it isn’t restricted to photos. Save any image from a web page or email (a good way to transfer your own custom graphics to the iPhone) into the camera roll and it can be used in Battery App Pro.

But this isn’t a purely aesthetic app. The main battery screen display a lot of useful information that’s noticeably lacking from the native iPhone battery screen. The app estimates (very accurately, according to the official blurb) how long the current charge will give you when using 3G, for instance, or watching video.

It also includes a “What If” mode, which allows you to slide the battery meter up and down to find out how much music playback you could expect from a particular level of charge. Where this is useful is in deciding whether you need to charge up the iPhone before using it, or whether the current charge will suffice for whatever you’ve got planned.

If only there were a way to have this application replace the standard lock screen or battery charging screen, the iPhone would be incredibly richer for it. As it stands, Battery App Pro is still a superb application that adds just the right balance of fancy and function to your device.

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