Avantalk Trex Pro review


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Trying to stand out in the Bluetooth headset market is akin to a locust shouting “Hey look at me!” during a plague.

In fact, the only paths to wider public attention for headsets these days seem to be either at the high end with ever more premium devices or at the low end by breaking new levels of affordability.

The Avantalk Trex Pro is neither of these and consequently it has little chance of being heavily promoted or remembered, but that’s no great loss since it is essentially average in every possible way.

On paper the Trex Pro makes a decent argument, name dropping Bluetooth v2.1 and touch pairing, dual microphones, noise cancelling technology, multipoint support to connect up to two devices simultaneously and charging conveniently via a standard mini USB port. In reality however the Trex Pro doesn’t live up to the sum of its parts.

The key factor is the sound quality which is no better and no worse than anything you’d expect from a lower, midrange Bluetooth headset. In other words it is perfectly fine in quiet environments with good signal but distinctly average in more real world scenarios. Likewise, mini USB port charging is welcome but there is no wall charger included in the box and battery life provides up to five hours of talk time – nothing particularly special.

As for the design, it is neat and very light but also extremely generic. The build quality is passable, though the materials feel cheap as does the action of power button. Meanwhile you’ll need to have ears that like earpieces with a standard circular fit as it is only assisted by a pair of natty foam covers.

That said, these problems are perfectly fine and the reason why is a simple one: price. Available for just £34.99 the Trex Pro looks, feels and works in a manner in precisely the manner you’d expect for such a modest outlay. There’s nothing inspirational but it’s no horror show either.

Avantalk Trex Pro

Typical Price: £34.99

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Neutral design
Multipoint Support
microUSB charging
Low Price

Average build quality
Mediocre call quality
Generic earbud fit

Verdict: An affordable Bluetooth headset with uninspired performance to match its unassuming price.

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