Apple iPhone 6s To Feature 2GB Of RAM & Apple SIM


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The dust has barely settled from MWC 2015 but already plenty of attention is turning to rumours surrounding the next BIG calendar event for the mobile space; the launch of Apple’s next generation of iPhones, likely around about September time.

The latest snippet of info comes via Apple Insider, which cites an anonymous “person familiar with Apple’s future product plans, who has provided reliable information in the past.” The source alleges that Apple’s iPhone 6s will ship with 2GB of RAM onboard. Of course we’ve heard similar talk ahead of the last few iPhone launches and it hasn’t come to pass. As Apple Insider points out; the iPhone has stuck with 1GB of RAM since the iPhone 5 launched in 2012.

However, there’s another angle here as hanging over this new rumour is the fact that Apple did upgrade its iPad Air 2 tablet with 2GB of RAM, so one way or another this is actually a thing that Apple does now – will it indeed make the leap to the phone category though?

Well it could well do, as according to the report this might be part of a double-whammy of transferring new iPad features to the iPhone – the same source is cited again as alleging that Apple will add its innovative Apple SIM from the iPad Air 2 to the iPhone 6s. Apple SIM “allows consumers to sign up for mobile data plans from any participating carrier directly from the Settings app without long-term contracts and to switch providers at any time,” says the report.

Unlike the addition of 2GB of RAM though, Apple SIM could prove a controversial move with carrier networks. Verizon rejected Apple SIM on the iPad Air 2, while other carriers placed limitations on it. Apple might have been testing the waters before, however, as data-enabled tablets (amidst falling tablet sales generally) are not necessarily the be-all and end-all as far as carriers are concerned. Apple has a lot more clout with the iPhone and it seems more likely carriers will play ball if Apple gets pushy – after all, what carrier can afford to risk not offering the latest iPhone in its catalogue?

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