Apple iOS 4.3 for iPad review


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For one you can now stream content, such as video, directly from your iPhone/iPad’s camera roll straight to Apple TV – and in 720p quality too. But that’s not all – you can also stream videos, so long as they’re H.264, from your Safari to Apple TV and watch them in high definition on your TV.

Apple has also – finally – introduced third party app support for AirPlay as well, so expect some cool applications to surface that take full advantage of this very soon.

However, it isn’t all good news. For instance, to take advantage of iOS 4.3’s new wired video playback, which lets you send 720p video from your iPad to your TV, you’ll have to cough up for one of Apple’s proprietary Digital Adapters – suspected to be priced around £40.

At this price, you might as well dig a little deeper and buy Apple TV, which you can get for around £80 at the time of writing – or maybe that’s what Apple wants you to do…

Apple has now, after much ado, enabled Personal Hotspots in iOS 4.3, which basically means you can use your iPhone 4’s internet connection and tether it to your iPad for instance.

Unfortunately, this reviewer doesn’t have an iPhone, so was unable to test this feature at the time of writing. However, there have been some initial grumblings about the new Personal Hotspot service online concerning the fact that it ain’t gonna be free.

Nevertheless we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this in our review of iOS 4.3 for the iPhone 4, which will hit the site tomorrow – so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

iOS 4.3 also sees the welcome return of orientation lock activation via the iPad’s side switch, which Apple bizarrely decided to swap for mute on the last iOS update.

Thankfully, some bright spark in Cupertino saw the light and suggested that Apple revert back to the old method of doing things. Whoever that was, we salute you.

And that’s about it for iOS 4.3 on the iPad. Like we said, iOS 4.3 is not a cosmetic update, so don’t go expecting any dramatic visual changes. Nonetheless, it does bring some welcome improvements and much need features to the iPad.

It’s by no means earth-shattering, but it’s certainly a nice bump as we wait for the arrival of iOS 5.


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