Amazing HTC VIVE Gets April Release Date & HUGE Price Tag


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The HTC VIVE VR headset will get a release inside early April and is just one of the many VR headsets — these, by the way, are The Best VR Headsets — coming to the consumer technology space in 2016.

Powered by Valve’s SteamVR technology, the HTC VIVE will ship with two games (Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives and Fantastic Contraption) and a massive price tag of £650, making it significantly more expensive that the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift.

“The HTC Vive is arguably the most advanced VR headset currently available. It not only tracks your head movements, but it can also track your physical hand and body motions, too, allowing you to walk around in virtual reality and interact with objects like you would in everyday life using its pair of wand-like controllers,” notes KYM’s sister site, Expert Reviews. “This is thanks to its pair of bundled-in base stations, which sync with the headset wirelessly and can track your movements 60 times a second with sub-millimetre precision. It does this by bouncing lasers off the surface of the headset and each controller, which are studded with a myriad of sensors to get the most accurate tracking data possible. The lasers also keep latency levels to an absolute minimum, which should help prevent any feelings of nausea or motion sickness while using the headset.”

Rocking refreshed branding and an updated headstrap, the VIVE consumer edition builds upon what we saw aboard the VIVE Pre. These include updated wireless controllers with haptic feedback, dual stage triggers, a front facing camera that blends physical elements into the virtual world, a redesigned headstrap that offers greater stability and balance and an improved visual system with brighter displays to give a deeper sense of immersion.

“Ever since the first day HTC Vive was announced, we knew that it would be widely applied beyond the gaming and entertainment industries. HTC Vive now applies across a wide spectrum of sectors, such as healthcare, education, retail and automotive with this disruptive innovation, demonstrating the potential of a world without limits”, said Jack Tong, North Asia President at HTC. “It is a pleasure to leverage the VR ecosystem to enhance the cultural and creative industries with Jimmy SPA. Together, we bring a new concept on stage to spark of creativity and innovation, and to open up a new era of vision and intelligence.”

The HTC VIVE will be up for pre-order from 10am EST on February 29.

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