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Once the most happening place in the whole of the entertainment world, the humble video rental store is on the verge of extinction, with on-demand movie services negating the need to venture out into the cold night to grab yourself an evening’s amusement.

However, for those of you not quite ready to abandon physical media but in the unfortunate position of having no video rental establishments nearby, there’s LOVEFiLM.

This insanely popular online rental service offers on-demand movies but its mainstay is DVDs, Blu-rays and video games, which are posted out to you and can be returned quickly and easily using the freepost packaging provided. All you have to do is sign up for one of the various packages and you’re virtually guaranteed hassle-free home cinema.

It’s already proven to be an incredibly profitable venture, and now users can get even more control over their rentals with this unofficial application. Alf for LOVEFiLM allows you to manage and populate your rental list all from the comfort of your Android handset, and what’s more it feels and looks incredibly slick.

One of the first things you’ll need to do before using Alf for LOVEFiLM is allow the app to access your LOVEFiLM account. If you’ve ever used a third-party Twitter client then you’ll know the deal here, because a similar method is used – you’re redirected to the LOVEFiLM site to log-in before being dropped back into the app. You only have to perform the procedure once because Alf for LOVEFiLM stores your details for future use.


Once you’re in you can check your rental queue or look at what film (or films) you currently have at home. Augmenting your list is easy – you can do a text search, voice search or scan a barcode. The third option is especially handy if you’re in a shop and spot a movie you’re keen to see but don’t fancy buying. Simply zap the barcode and Alf for LOVEFiLM will add it to your rental queue.

Before you select a film you’re given an impressive amount of information on it. Not only do you have a synopsis to peruse, you can also view the trailer, investigate the running time, cast your eye over similar titles or even search various online review sites for a critical appraisal.

If you watch a movie you like then you can drop onto its page and tap the quick links provided, which then take you to other films by the same director, or featuring the same actors. Key personnel also have their own biog pages, should you be interested in digging a little deeper.

The only thing missing from Alf for LOVEFiLM at present is the ability to browse different genres, but the developer has stated this functionality is in the pipeline and will be made available in a near-future update.

Alf for LOVEFiLM is one of those rare applications that just makes life easier. It’s not about flash functions or impressive tech, but more about streamlining your life and giving you increased control without having to use a computer. If you’ve previously found that marshalling your LOVEFiLM queue is a chore rather than a pleasure, this could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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