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There are a lot of applications available for the iPhone that can get you out of awkward situations such as forgetting your partner’s birthday or calculating metric conversions. However, 9-Toolbox really takes the biscuit in the convenience department.

As the name suggests the applications is a series of nine tools, five of which are calculators of sorts. There’s a currency converter which can operate over ten currencies and a date calculator to figure out your birthday and stage of the lunar cycle in 2051. A day countdown app tells you how exactly how many days to a specific date be it Valentines Day or someone’s birthday.

There’s another calculator for working out how much to tip your waitress when you go out for meal, but unfortunately it doesn’t take into account whether you fancied her not. Instead the numbers are based on sensible criteria such as cost and amount of tax paid but it’s not the most useful calculator unless you’re a particularly avid penny pincher.

One of the more interesting calculators is for loans. You can punch in the loan amount, rate of interest and the duration of the loan and it works out the total interest paid and the sum of the monthly installments; truly this is the loan-sharks essential iPhone application.

There’s also the mandatory metric conversions application which will convert to and from just about any unit known to mankind. 9-Toolbox also provides a national holiday tracker so you know when you can skive off work and an inclinometer for checking if surfaces are flat.

One of the more obscure tools in the app’s repertoire is called ‘My Girls Day’. The first time you fire up this tool it warns that it is not 100 per cent accurate and the dates provided are only estimates. But basically, it for tracking your girlfriend’s……womanly cycles. It provides you with the dates of the cycle such as those that bring increased probability of conception which is awesome whether you’re trying for a baby or trying to avoid one.

The interfaces of all of the tools are attractively put together and easy to use. It also features a nifty ‘shake to clear’ function which will clear all fields with flick of the wrist. Considering it’s free, we see no reason to have the handy app installed on your iPhone, just don’t take the baby thing for gospel.

9-Toolbox info

Ease of use:
Value: [[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”thumbnail_60x60″,”fid”:”21622″,”attributes”:{“alt”:””,”class”:”media-image”,”height”:”60″,”width”:”60″}}]]

Platform: iPhone/iPod touch

Price: Free

Developer: E2ndesign

Website/Demo: E2ndesign website

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