Notion Keyboard Shortcuts [Mac & PC]: 10x Your Workflow With 100+ Commands

Here’s a table of over 100 Notion Keyboard Shortcuts that you can start using today to speed up your workflow and get things done in Notion quicker…

Roughly a year and a half ago, I took the plunge and went ALL IN on Notion. While Google Drive retains a presence in my workflow, Notion now houses all my projects, thoughts, SOPs, and future plans. I have myriad Notion templates setup. The initial adjustment period of a week or two was a small price to pay for what now feels like a seamless extension of my cognitive processes.

My workspace in Notion is as I want it—every new piece of information finds its rightful place, categorized with precision. The impact on my productivity and workflow? Nothing short of phenomenal. This newfound command over my work has bolstered my confidence in managing my team and our collective projects. The ripple effects on our collective productivity have been tangible and significant.

What makes Notion AI remarkable is its capability to evolve and adapt to your data over time. It performs tasks such as content creation, email drafting, SOP formulation, and database analysis—all within the confines of your Notion application. The more you use it, the more it understands your needs and your team’s dynamics.

For this reason, I would argue that it is well worth paying for Notion in order to unlock all of its latent capabilities.

Learning Notion’s keyboard shortcuts can further streamline your workflow and get you doing things even faster. There’s loads too, but I’d just start out with the Notion keyboard shortcuts you find most relevant to you.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be navigating through Notion like a pro, saving time and effort, and boosting productivity even further.

So, for all Notion users, I highly recommend investing a small amount of time learning some of Notion’s keyboard shortcuts. It’s a small step towards a significant productivity boost. And here’s a list of over 100 Notion keyboard shortcuts to get you started.

Notion Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + NCmd + Shift + NOpen a new Notion window
Ctrl + [Cmd + [Go forward a page
Ctrl + ]Cmd + ]Go back a page
Ctrl + PCmd + POpen Search / Jump to a recently viewed page
Ctrl + Shift + LCmd + Shift + LSwitch dark mode / light mode
Ctrl + NCmd + NCreate a new page (desktop only)
Ctrl + BCmd + BBold text
Ctrl + ICmd + IItalicize text
Ctrl + UCmd + UUnderline text
Ctrl + Shift + SCmd + Shift + SStrike-through text
Shift + TabShift + TabUn-indent
Ctrl + ECmd + EInline code
Ctrl + KCmd + KAdd a link (with text selected)
Ctrl + VCmd + VPaste over a link (with text selected)
Ctrl + Shift + 0Cmd + Option + 0Create text
Ctrl + Shift + 1Cmd + Option + 1Create an H1 heading
Ctrl + Shift + 2Cmd + Option + 2Create an H2 heading
Ctrl + Shift + 3Cmd + Option + 3Create an H3 heading
Ctrl + Shift + 4Cmd + Option + 4Create a to-do checkbox
Ctrl + Shift + 5Cmd + Option + 5Create a bullet list
Ctrl + Shift + 6Cmd + Option + 6Create a numbered list
Ctrl + Shift + 7Cmd + Option + 7Create a toggle list
Ctrl + Shift + 8Cmd + Option + 8Create a code block
Ctrl + Shift + 9Cmd + Option + 9Create a new page
EnterEnterInsert a line of text
Shift + EnterShift + EnterCreate a line break within a block of text
Ctrl + Shift + MCmd + Shift + MCreate a comment
Create a divider
/text/textCreates a new text block
/page/pageCreates a new page
/bullet/bulletCreates a bulleted list
/num/numCreates a numbered list
/todo/todoCreates a to-do list with checkboxes
/toggle/toggleCreates a toggle list
/div/divCreates a light gray divider
/quote/quoteCreates a quote block of larger text
/h1/h1Creates a large heading
/h2/h2Creates a medium-sized heading
/h3/h3Creates a small heading
/link/linkCreates a link to another page in your workspace
EscEscClears the / menu
/code/codeCreates a code block
/file/fileUpload any file from the computer or create an embed
/embed/embedAdd any one of the 500+ embeds that work with Notion
/image/imageUpload or embed image
/pdf/pdfUpload or embed PDF
/book/bookAdd a bookmark
/video/videoUpload or embed video
/audio/audioUpload or embed audio
/mention/mentionMention a page or a person within workspace
/reminder/reminderAdd a timestamp or reminder
/equation/equationAdd a TeX formula in line with your text
/emoji/emojiShow emoji picker
/table-inline/table-inlineCreates a database table inside the current page
/list-inline/list-inlineCreates a list-style database inside the current page
/board-inline/board-inlineCreates a Kanban board inside the current page
/calendar-inline/calendar-inlineCreates a calendar inside the current page
/gallery-inline/gallery-inlineCreates a gallery inside the current page
/timeline-inline/timeline-inlineCreates a timeline inside the current page
/linked/linkedCreates a linked database
/comment/commentComment on any block
/moveto/movetoMove a block to another page
/delete/deleteDelete the current block
/duplicate/duplicateDuplicate the current block
/toc/tocCreate a table of contents
/bread/breadCreate a breadcrumb button-group
/template/templateCreate a template button
/math/mathWrite mathematical equations and symbols
Ctrl + +Cmd + +Zoom In
Ctrl + –Cmd + –Zoom Out
EscEscSelect or clear the block
Ctrl + ACmd + ASelect the block with the cursor
SpaceSpaceOpen an image in full screen
Arrow KeysArrow KeysMove between the blocks
Shift + Arrow Up / Arrow DownShift + Arrow Up / Arrow DownExpand
Alt + Shift + ClickCmd + Shift + ClickSelect or unselect a block
Shift + ClickShift + ClickSelect all block between two selected blocks
BackspaceBackspaceDelete the selected block
Ctrl + DCmd + DDuplicate the selected block
EnterEnterEdit the highlighted text
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow KeysCmd + Shift + Arrow KeysMove the selected block
Ctrl + /Cmd + /Change type, color, edit or duplicate one or more blocks
Ctrl + Shift + HCmd + Shift + HUse the last text or highlight color you used
Ctrl + Alt + TCmd + Option + TExpand or close all the toggles in a toggle list
Type @ and another workspace member’s nameType @ and another workspace member’s nameMention a person
Type @ and the name of another page in your workspaceType @ and the name of another page in your workspaceMention a page
Type @ and a date in any formatType @ and a date in any formatMention a date
Type @remind followed by a date in any formatType @remind followed by a date in any formatAdd a reminder
Type ** on either side of the textType ** on either side of the textBold
Type * or _ on either side of the textType * or _ on either side of the textItalicize
Type ` on either side of the textType ` on either side of the textInline code
Type ~ on either side of the textType ~ on either side of the textStrike-through
– followed by space– followed by spaceBullet list
[] followed by space[] followed by spaceCheckbox
1., a., or i. followed by space1., a., or i. followed by spaceNumbered list
# followed by space# followed by spaceCreate an H1 heading
## followed by space## followed by spaceCreate an H2 heading
### followed by space### followed by spaceCreate an H3 heading
> followed by space> followed by spaceToggle list
” followed by space” followed by spaceQuote block

And if you’re just getting started with Notion, make sure you check out our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Notion – it covers literally everything you need to know to get up and running.

Kurt Langston

AI expert with a passion for making complex concepts accessible to all. With over eight years of experience in the field, he has honed his expertise in machine learning and AI, becoming a trusted voice in the industry. Kurt currently serves as the Head of AI News Coverage and Content at KnowYourMobile, a leading online platform for mobile technology news and reviews. In this role, he oversees the production of insightful articles, tutorials, and guides, helping readers navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of AI tools and technologies

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