The Xiaomi Mix Fold 4 is coming, it’s the thinnest foldable ever, and it might just get a US release date as well…


Will Xiaomi Mix Fold 4 Come To The US? Potentially…

  • Xiaomi plans to launch its Mix Fold 4 foldable phone internationally
  • The company aims to compete with Samsung in the global foldable market
  • Mix Fold 4 is rumored to be thinner than competitors’ models
  • Xiaomi’s removal from US blacklist may facilitate its global expansion
  • The company is also introducing its first clamshell foldable, the Mix Flip
  • Analysts caution that success in the global market is not guaranteed
  • This move signals increased competition in the premium foldable segment

Xiaomi is poised to make its first international foray into the foldable phone market, according to industry insiders. The move comes as the company eyes a share of the estimated 10 million foldable phone sales currently dominated by Samsung.

Noted tipster Ice Universe claims that Xiaomi will launch its Mix Fold4 internationally, marking a significant shift in the company’s strategy. Previous iterations of the Mix Fold series were limited to the Chinese market.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 4 Will Be Thinnest Foldable Ever And It Might Be Available In The USA Too…

The Mix Fold 4 is rumoured to be even thinner than the upcoming Honor Magic V3, which itself is expected to be slimmer than its 9.9mm predecessor. This focus on sleek design suggests Xiaomi is keen to compete on both functionality and aesthetics in the premium foldable segment.

While Xiaomi has not officially confirmed the international launch, sources suggest the announcement could come as early as this month in China, ahead of the company’s typical August release schedule for the Mix Fold series.

Xiaomi is No Longer on The USA’s Blacklist…

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The potential for a wider release has been bolstered by Xiaomi’s recent removal from the US government blacklist. This development allows American firms to invest in the Chinese company, potentially easing its path to Western markets.

However, analysts caution that success in the global foldable market is not guaranteed. Xiaomi will face stiff competition from established players like Samsung and, to a lesser extent, emerging contenders like Honor. The key will be balancing innovation with price competitiveness.

Alongside the Mix Fold 4, Xiaomi is also expected to introduce its first clamshell foldable, the Mix Flip, further diversifying its product lineup.

As the foldable phone market continues to grow, Xiaomi’s international expansion could signal a new phase of competition in this premium segment. And if Xiaomi can do what it normally does with pricing, the Mix Fold4 could really shake things up in the west.

Whether it can carve out a significant slice of Samsung’s market share remains to be seen, but the move undoubtedly adds a new dimension to the global smartphone landscape.


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Xiaomi Eyes "International" Mix Fold 4 Launch, USA IncludedPin

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