Looking for new iPhone case colors? Here’s when Apple updates them.

Wondering when do new iPhone cases come out? read on…

The iPhone is probably the tech gadget that has the most accessories designed for it. There are iPhone chargers, iPhone battery packs, iPhone wallets, iPhone wireless charging accessories, and more. 

Of course, third-party manufacturers make a majority of these iPhone accessories. For example, if you go onto Amazon and search for “iPhone case” you’ll see dozens of vendors and manufacturers making a case in almost any style and color you would want.

However, Apple itself is also a big iPhone accessory maker. But by making their own iPhone accessories, they can add to the amount some people spend directly with the company when they buy a new iPhone.

iPhone accessories made by Apple also have the added benefit of precision engineering and the peace of mind that you know it will work right with the iPhone. That’s because Apple controls every point of hardware and software design on the iPhone.

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Are Apple iPhone Cases Worth It?

Apple’s iPhone cases are by far one of the most popular accessories for the iPhone Apple itself makes. Apple has made iPhone cases for well over a decade, and they’ll probably make them for as long as they make the iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone cases, however, can cost a lot more than some iPhone cases. For example, you can find some iPhone cases on Amazon for $10. A similar case made by Apple (with similar materials) could easily cost you $49.

Now, that’s not to say the $10 case is made to the same quality, but you get the idea. Apple charges a premium for its iPhone cases.

iPhone cases made by Apple also feature some pretty cool tech. Some Apple iPhone cases include MagSafe, so the iPhone case literally magnetically attaches to the iPhone. However, for this, you’ll need an iPhone 12 series or iPhone 13 series or later.

When Do New iPhone Cases Come Out?Pin
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Why Types Of iPhone Cases Does Apple Make?

Apple makes three main types of iPhone cases. These are:

  • Clear case: these cases are made out of a clear material and are designed for people who don’t want to hide their iPhone under a case, but provide protection to it at the same time.
  • Silicon case: these cases are Apple’s most popular. They are made of silicon, which gives them great resiliency. 
  • Leather case: these cases are generally Apple’s most expensive due to the leather build. However, they also look (and feel) the most stunning.

All three types of iPhone cases now come with MagSafe technology, so they snap right on to compatible iPhones.

Apple Treats iPhone Cases Like A Fashion Line

Much like Apple Watch bands, Apple treats iPhone cases as a sort of fashion accessory. That is, throughout the year, Apple will release new sets of iPhone cases. These cases usually have the same materials/tech as the previous generation, however, they sport new colors.

This is true for both the silicon and leather iPhone case lines. Apple likes to refresh the colors to spur sales throughout the year. And the good thing for iPhone owners is that if you don’t like Apple’s current iPhone case lineup, you won’t have to wait long until Apple releases new looks.

When Do New iPhone Cases Come Out?Pin
Image: Apple

When Does Apple Release New iPhone Cases?

Apple can release iPhone cases at any time throughout the year. But there are two “seasons” you can almost certainly expect new cases to drop. This includes the fall, when the new iPhones come out.

And the second season is the spring. Sling iPhone case colors are usually more pastel, while fall ones are usually more muted.

And keep in mind Apple will also occasionally drop a special edition case at random times throughout the year too.