What Color iPhone 11 Should I Buy? A Look At All The Options…

by | 09/09/2020 8:58 pm
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It used to be that the iPhone came in just one or two colors. And for the Pro model, that’s still true (OK, three colors). Apple switched things up with the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11’s predecessor, and that handset was the company’s best-selling iPhone for almost two years straight, proving beyond doubt that Apple fans like colors and low(ish) prices – the XR and iPhone 11 massively outsold the more expensive Pro models.

The iPhone 11 comes in a whopping six color options, so which should you get?

The iPhone 11 is Available In Six Colors 

  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green
  • (Product)Red

What Color iPhone 11 Should I Buy?
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Black iPhone 11

You can’t go wrong with black. The color is sleek, sexy, and timeless. The black color option also makes your iPhone’s screen appear a little bigger, oddly enough. That’s because the black bezels on the iPhone blend in pretty well with the black frame of the device. The black frame also makes that notch appear a little more muted.

Another big plus for the black option is that it’s harder to see dirt and smudge marks on it. That is, of course, if you go sans case.

White iPhone 11

White is most likely the second-most popular iPhone color. Again, its got the same sleek, sexy, and timeless feel to it as the black iPhone color option does. However, one thing to keep in mind is this year’s white option is a little paler than past white options–so the whiteness seems a bit duller. In other words, it’s not as glossy-looking as it used to be. And do keep in mind dirt and other marks will be easier to see on the white than on the black model.

What Color iPhone 11 Should I Buy?
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Yellow iPhone 11

We’re a big fan of the yellow iPhone 11. That’s simply because yellow isn’t a color you find in most smartphones. It’s distinct and screams a unique vibe. But the yellow isn’t too glaringly bright. That’s because it’s more of a pale yellow, just like the white option is a pale white. Of course, the same caveats apply. The yellow iPhone 11 I likely to show dirt and other stains more easily.

Purple iPhone 11

Purple is another unusual choice for a smartphone–but that’s why it’s so cool looking. And the purple iPhone 11 isn’t a deep purple. Rather, it’s more of a pastel purple. Given its soft tone, it really is a gender-neutral option and looks great no matter if it’s in a purse or a pocket. But again, given the light tone, dirt marks will be easily visible.

What Color iPhone 11 Should I Buy?
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Green iPhone 11

A final rare color option is the green iPhone 11. You don’t see many smartphones in green – at least to in a light shade of green like the iPhone 11. As you can now probably tell, the green, yellow, and purple options are all on the lighter side as opposed to a more hard color option. We like the green a lot because it looks unique. However, due to its light tone, it’ll be easy to see when the phone isn’t clean.

(Product)Red iPhone 11

The final color the iPhone 11 comes in is red. Specifically, it’s (Product)Red, which is a charity that helps fight HIV/AIDS. As Apple notes on its website, “100% of all money generated by (RED) partners goes to fund HIV/AIDS programs on the ground in sub‑Saharan Africa.”

Design-wise, the red iPhone is the boldest color. It’s the very opposite of the other color options. Far from pale, it’s bright and deep. People will definitely notice this phone.

What Color iPhone 11 Should I Buy?
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Colors Don’t Matter That Much If You Use A Case

One thing worth noting is because the iPhone 11 is an all-screen design, if you put your iPhone in a case, you won’t be able to see much of the color the phone has to offer. One way to get around this, however, is by choosing a clear case or a bumper-only case. Both options are great to let those colors shine.

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