Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be one of the first Samsung phones to get the One UI 6 update. But when exactly will Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 receive the update? Let’s discuss it!


  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 will receive One UI 6 update first, along with the Galaxy S23 series.
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5 could receive the stable One UI 6 update by November 2023.
  • One UI 6 beta versions could be available for Galaxy Z Fold 5 pretty soon, even before the launch of One UI 6. 

Samsung Update Policy For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

As the priciest smartphone from Samsung, Galaxy Z Fold 5 will get the best software support, as it should. This means Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be the first in line to receive the One UI 6 update as it releases. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 will receive 4 Android version updates with five years of security patches support. Samsung updated its software update policy in early 2022, making it compete directly with Apple regarding the long-term software support it is well known for. Samsung’s promise of four years isn’t as long as the six years iPhone users are accustomed to, but it is still great!

One UI 6 Release Date – When Will Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Receive One UI 6?

Samsung is yet to announce the official rollout schedule for One UI 6. That will be revealed only after the official launch of One UI 6. 

As an Android 14-based skin, the launch of One UI 6 will briefly follow Google’s launch of Android 14. When we look at the previous year, One UI 5 was launched in August 2022, just after the Android 13 launch in August. We’re in August already, and we can expect the One UI 6 launch to happen soon. If it doesn’t happen in August, it will definitely happen in September 2023. 

Samsung will start testing the One UI 6 beta versions before releasing the stable versions. Samsung has yet to reveal the beta testing for the skin, but Samsung Germany has jumped the gun and prematurely published the news about the One UI 6 beta testing starting for the Galaxy S23 series. We expect the beta versions to arrive in Galaxy Z Fold 5 soon!

Last year, with One UI 5, Galaxy Z Fold 4 received the update by November 2022 after its launch in August. So we can expect Galaxy Z Fold 5 to receive the One UI 6 update by November this year

One UI 6 Features

One UI 6 will change how you interact with your phone with its much-awaited refresh of quick panel and notifications. Android 14 brings many new improvements and underlying performance gains, which will also be carried over to One UI 6. Let us take a look at the expected features One UI 6 is going to bring:

  • New home screen widgets – Extended home screen widgets are coming to One UI 6. 
  • Extended lock screen customizations – Lock screen customizations with extended functionalities to match the ones in iOS 16 are coming to One UI 6.
  • Quick panel improvements – Quick panel and notifications are getting a much-needed refresh in One UI 6. 
  • Situational wallpapers – Based on the current situation, your phone will unlock with a different wallpaper every time you unlock it. 
  • Android 14 features such as:
    • Bigger fonts.
    • Granular media access.
    • App pair.
    • New widgets.
    • Predictive back gesture.
    • Forced-themed icons.
    • Partial screen recorder.
    • Drag and drop text across apps.

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