Samsung Galaxy S22 Screen Sizes: What To Expect…

The Samsung Galaxy S22 range launches in Q1 2022. But what can we expect with respect to the Samsung Galaxy S22 screen sizes? Let’s find out…

Is bigger always better? When it comes to specs and hardware – things like CPU speeds and battery life – the answer is always a resounding YES. But with the size and weight of a phone, there’s an argument that smaller, lighter phones are better.

With the Samsung Galaxy S22, there could well be some changes compared to what we saw with the Galaxy S21. According to reliable leaker Mauri QHD, Samsung is looking to make all of its incoming Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets smaller and lighter.

Similarly, Ice Universe, another rock-solid leaker, has said much the same thing: Samsung is looking to reduce both the screen size and the overall size of its Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets in 2022.

How Big Will The Samsung Galaxy S22 Screen Be?

Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S22’s launch in Q1 2022, one of the biggest questions relates to Samsung’s choice of screen sizes. How big will the Samsung Galaxy S22’s display be compared to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – or the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s?

The standard Samsung Galaxy S22 will use a 6in display, down from 6.2in on the Galaxy S21, while the Galaxy S22 Plus will use a 6.5in screen, down from 6.7in, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will use a 6.8in screen, down from the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s 6.9in screen.

If true, this would make the Samsung Galaxy S22 range one of the most compact updates in recent history. The base model Samsung Galaxy S22 will be closer in size to the Samsung Galaxy S10e than the Samsung Galaxy S21. And that could be a very shrewd move by Samsung, as there are plenty of Android users that want smaller phones.

Will Samsung Galaxy S22 Run LTPO Displays?

One of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max’s biggest updates was its use of 120Hz ProMotion displays. Apple bought LTPO tech to iPhone for the first time in 2021, allowing for scalable refresh rates from 1Hz to 120Hz in certain apps and settings. This feature is ONLY available on its Pro models, though.

With the Samsung Galaxy S22, however, Samsung is said to be bringing LTPO screen tech to ALL of its Galaxy S22 models, including the entry-level and cheapest Samsung Galaxy S22. If true – and this rumor looks to be fairly concrete – all of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 phones would have 120Hz OLED panels, beating Apple’s iPhone 13 and 13 Mini.

Beyond this, the Samsung Galaxy S22 will feature a raft of updates, tweaks, and new features. And because the price of the entry-level Samsung Galaxy S22 is said to be “more aggressive”, Samsung is expecting huge demand for its base model.

The Elec says the base model Samsung Galaxy S22 will account for updates of 60% of Samsung’s production for this cycle of phones. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus will account for 20%, with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra accounting for anywhere between 15% to 20%.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will get a launch and release date inside Q1 2022.

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