Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Colors: All The Options Revealed!

What colors will the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE come in? Here’s everything you need to know about all the different color options…

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is easily one of the biggest launches coming down the pipeline. Next to Samsung’s Galaxy S22, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is probably Samsung’s second-biggest release of 2022. That’s right, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE won’t get a launch until 2022.

But when it does eventually become available, what colors will the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE be available in? Thanks to a bunch of leaks, we now know exactly what colors the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be available in – there’ll be four distinct colors but, oddly, no black option.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Colors

  • Gray
  • Light Green
  • Light Violet
  • White
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE RAM and CPU REVEALEDPin

These are the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE colors that are most likely to make an appearance when the phone gets its launch in January 2022. There could also be a red option, we’ve seen leaked images of a red Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, so there could be five colors in total, although I’m willing to bet there will only be four color options.

Why? Partly a cost thing. The entire point of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is that it is cheaper than Samsung’s flagship phones. In order to keep prices down, concessions need to be made. This applies to the specs and hardware used on the phone, but also to how it is produced.

Making more color options complicates the production process and complicated production processes cost more money. And if something costs more to produce, the company HAS to pass that cost onto you, the consumer. Focussing on four simple colors will avoid any production headaches for Samsung and make things easier to manage.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Specs

We already have a post that details pretty much everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE’s RAM and CPU, as well as whether or not it’ll support SD cards (spoiler: it will). I’ve included a small extract from that post below to add some color to this post.

According to the latest information, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will ship with 6GB of RAM. This is considerably lower than the Galaxy S21 but given the price discrepancy between the two phones, it makes sense – RAM is expensive and it ALWAYS drives up the price of the phone. Using 6GB of RAM on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE allows Samsung to keep the price low as it did on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE but, crucially, not sacrifice any real-world performance.

This means that if you’re in the USA, you’ll likely get the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. If you’re in the UK, Europe, or Asia, you’ll most likely get the Exynos 2100 version. Both will be suitably potent but the 888 chipset has been shown to outperform the 2100 CPU in nearly every way.

Report on Samsung Galaxy S21 FE’s Specs – CPU, RAM & Storage

As for other specs, you’re looking at a 6.5in 1080p Super AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will also run exactly the same camera setup as the Galaxy S21, so performance in this context should be very, very good.

You’ll also have either 128GB of storage or 256GB. The higher storage model will cost more – like $100 more – and there is also talk of Samsung running different chipsets for different regions. The US will likely get the Snapdragon 888, while everywhere else will get the Exynos 2100 model.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Release Date – It’s Still Happening, Right?

There have been multiple stories about Samsung canceling the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was meant to launch in October. But thanks to the global chip shortage, that didn’t happen. Instead, Samsung moved the launch date to 2022 – January, apparently.

There is still some concern over the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE’s wider release, however, with some reports and sources suggesting not all regions will get the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. This hasn’t been confirmed but if it does turn out to be true, certain countries and regions might not get access to the phone.

As for pricing, you’ll pay below $500 for the entry-level Samsung Galaxy S21 FE with 4G. If you want 5G, you’ll have to pony up an extra $100 and pay $599 for the 128GB model. I don’t expect Samsung’s pricing to change in 2022.

Keeping the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE price the same as the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE will ensure massive adoption and solid sales at launch and during the rest of 2022, giving Samsung plenty of leverage on Apple.

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