Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Galaxy S20 FE – How Do They Compare?

By Michael Grothaus •  Updated: 02/16/21 •  4 min read

The goal with the Galaxy S20 FE was to give it much of the same technical powers as the flagship Galaxy S20 but at a lower price. This makes the S20 FE kind of like Samsung’s answer to the iPhone SE.

But could the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE really be a better choice for you than the flagship S20?

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Well, that depends–mainly on how much money you want to spend. But there are also some advantages the S20 FE has that the regular S20 lacks. And we’ll also likely be getting a Galaxy S21 FE model in 2021 too.

Let’s take a look at the two phones now.

Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Galaxy S20 FE Quick Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Galaxy S20 FE – How Do They Compare?
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Winner? Galaxy S20 – That glass body looks sexy as hell. It makes the polycarbonate body of the S20 FE feel cheap in comparison.


Winner? Galaxy S20 – The S20 has a better display with a higher resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass 6 for much-improved durability.

galaxy s20 fe
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Winner? Draw – Both use the exact same Snapdragon 865 SoC.


Winner? Galaxy S20 – This is a tough one to choose. But the S20 wins because it has that amazing 64MP telephoto lens. However, if you’re a selfie lover, you might want to go with the S20 FE due to its 32MP selfie camera.

Storage Options

Battery Life

Winner? Draw – Even though the FE has an extra 500mAh, it’s got the bigger screen to power, which means battery life should be about the same for both devices.

galaxy s20 fe
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So, which S20 should you get? Normally, if money were no option, we’d say go with the flagship Samsung Galaxy S20. It’s got the superior rear camera setup as well as that beautiful glass body. And that’s not even to mention that it features DOUBLE the RAM at 12GB.

However, there are a few features–besides cost–that make the Galaxy S20 FE appealing. The first is the larger display. Yes, it’s got a lower resolution, but some people just like a physically bigger display. Another reason is for that sweet 32MP selfie camera. While the rear camera setup isn’t as good as the one the S20 has, the S20 FE selfie camera blows the S20’s away. And then the final reason? The S20 FE just has more color options to choose from.

All in all, the S20 FE is a terrific phone – for the price, $699.99, you are getting a TON of value for money.

However, all-around, we still feel the Galaxy S20 is the better bang for the buck in the long-term.

Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Galaxy S20 FE: Specs

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Here are the specs for the Galaxy S20:

And here are the specs for the Galaxy S20 FE:

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