Here’s an insider tip: you DO NOT need the latest and greatest flagship phone from Apple or Samsung – older flagship phones are just as good (in nearly all the areas that actually count)…

This is something I have done multiple times over the years and it is one of the simplest ways to get a great phone for a lot less money.

Yes, I’m talking about buying older flagship models.

Phones like the iPhone X, for instance, or the Galaxy Note 9. These slightly-older-but-still-supremely-powerful phones retail for a fraction of the cost of new flagship models and deliver all the performance 99.9% of users could ever want.

For me, this is basically how I buy phones. I never buy the latest and greatest phone for two important reasons:

  • I like to buy my phones outright.
  • I like to shop around for the best SIM-only deal, switching to another plan whenever the mood takes me.

If you buy on contract through a network or carrier, you simply cannot do this – you’re locked into what is effectively an 18-24-month lease. And you’re not saving money by doing this, you’re wasting money.

All carriers make money on phones AND data through this exact process.

Yes, the cost is spread out over 12, 18, or 24 months. But just like leasing a car, you will pay more in the long run versus buying outright. And this is what the phone companies and networks don’t want you to figure out – it’s how they make billions of dollars every, single year!

Old Flagship Phone vs Newer, Budget Phone?  

Apple’s iPhone X is a fantastic phone. When it came out it retailed for $999.99, making it the most expensive phone on the market at the time. For me, $1000 for a phone is just way too much. Hell, even $699 for the iPhone 11 is a little steep for my liking

Remember: I like to buy outright.

For this reason, I use depreciation to my advantage. I wait, basically. I wait for the price of a phone to come down to a more palatable level – less than $500. This happened to the iPhone X in late-2019, so that’s when I snapped one up, saving myself a packet in the process.


And I would 100% prefer to use a 12-month old flagship like the iPhone X over a cheaper, newer phone (like the Moto E). And the reason for this is simple: flagship phones – especially Apple ones – use better quality components and will last longer. They also hold their value better too. This is the #1 reason why you’re better off buying an older flagship phone over a newer, cheaper phone.

You can also pick up refurbished iPhones via Gazelle in the US, where you can save around 40% on all models – including the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the iPhone X, as well as earlier models like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7.

Next, I scored myself a £20 a month SIM-only deal (I’m in the UK) that netted me unlimited data, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts. Keep in mind that most new iPhone contracts start in around £40 a month. If you want unlimited everything, add on an extra £20-£30.

You Can Buy An Old iPhone Flagship For Less Than $450… 

All in all, my iPhone X cost me about 50% less than it did when it was new. In this USA, you can grab one via Amazon for $438 – and that’s for the 128GB model too. And while the upfront cost of doing this was high, I am now free to do whatever I like with my phone.

Yes, the iPhone X is an old iPhone but it is still 100% functional, will get updates well into the late-2020s, and it still looks great. With respect to core features, the iPhone X is still a great option in 2020 and beyond. You’ll save a bunch of money, get yourself an OLED iPhone, and it’ll only cost you slightly more than the iPhone SE (2020).

I can trade it in next month for a better model, hold on to it until later in 2020, and then sell it and put the money towards buying the 5G iPhone when it lands in late-2020. Or I can just use it until Apple decides to stop supporting it – and that won’t happen until at least 2024.

Either way, it’s up to me because I own the phone outright. I have used this approach for buying phones for years now and it has worked great. I always have the best possible monthly plan for data and calls and I can sell my phone whenever I like or the mood takes me.


If you want to save some cash, have more control over your monthly phone bills, and still get a brilliant device, I would highly recommend you try this buying strategy in 2020. I’ve been doing it for years and it has never let me down. And, as a side bonus, you’ll never be locked into a contract ever again!

You will save money. You will get a great phone. And you won’t be lining the already-bloated pockets of Apple and its carrier partners who charge a massive premium for brand new phones simply because they’re new. And that, for me, is the #1 reason to go with an older flagship model over a brand new phone…

It’s a simple strategy, sure, but it is one hardly anyone knows about or actually follows. And to me, that’s just crazy!

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