Is The Moto G Power 5G Compatible? Let’s Find Out…

Cheap? Check. Great performance? Check. Good looking? Check. The Moto G Power does a lot of things right – but is it 5G compatible?

The Moto G Power, thanks to its decent hardware and low price, is a very popular phone choice in America right now. The phone runs Android, ships with very little bloatware, and is a solid performer across the board.

You can buy the Moto G Power unlocked and pick and choose who you get your data and calls with. We like Mint Mobile the most at the moment, it does unlimited data and calls for just $35 a month. But what if you’re looking to future-proof your next phone? If that’s the case, you’ll potentially want 5G connectivity, right?

Is The Moto G Power 5G Compatible?

Launched in April 2020, the Moto G Power packs in a ton of great specs and hardware, while keeping a very low price tag. This is part of its appeal. But the Moto G Power DOES NOT support 5G, so if you want a cheap 5G phone, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

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The Moto G Power – It’s Cheap And It Gets The Job Done

Why doesn’t it support 5G? The Moto G Power’s Snapdragon 665 CPU does not support 5G. In order to run 5G on your phone, you need specific types of chipsets – either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G or higher, basically. The Moto G Power runs a lower-end chipset.

This is part of the reason why the phone is so affordable.

Do you need 5G? At the time of writing – October 7, 2021 – I’d argue, no, 5G is not yet essential. But inside the next 12-18 months, 5G will begin to spread and evolve, becoming available in more areas and rural parts of the country. And when this happens, you will want a 5G capable phone.

Why? 5G isn’t just an arbitrary update to 4G, it is an entirely new evolution, including different bands for faster speeds, like 5G UC, in mobile data. The speeds you’ll get with a 5G connection will dwarf your home broadband speeds. This means, if you have an unlimited plan, you can use your phone to power your laptop and desktop PC, or your tablet or iPad.

On top of that, once 5G starts rolling out everywhere, apps will start to evolve too. They’ll become more data-intensive. And this will affect how they perform on 4G data. In order to get maximum performance from your apps in a 5G world, you will need a 5G phone.

Should You Still Buy The Moto G Power?

It doesn’t have 5G, but at this price point – and with this level of spec and performance – that shouldn’t be considered a dealbreaker. The Moto G Power has amazing battery life, thanks to its 5000mAh battery, a decent triple-lens camera, fronted by a 16MP wide lens, and it comes with 64GB of storage and SD card support.

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Moto G Power

Cheap? Check. Great performance? Check. Amazing Battery Life? Check. The Moto G Power does a lot of things right, so if you’re looking for an affordable phone, this could be just what the doctor ordered…


If all you want is a basic phone that runs smoothly and takes great pictures and will last a few days on a single charge, the Moto G Power is well worth a look. It costs less than $200 and it is one of the strongest and most popular affordable Android phones on the market.

Best Moto G Power Alternative?

If you want all of the above, and 5G, however, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. Fortunately, you have lots of options. And right now, my preferred choice would be the Pixel 4a 5G – it has everything you need and more – plus 5G connectivity.

And it’ll get Android updates for three years, unlike the Moto G Power.

The Phones We Recommend Most Right Now

The Best “All-Rounder” – If you want something simple and reliable that has a great camera, a beautiful design, won’t break the bank, and will run for years and years and years, then you really cannot go wrong with Apple’s iPhone 13.

The Best Android Flagship – When it comes to Android phones, there is but one king in the flagship area of the market. And that phone is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This phone looks amazing, has a best-in-class camera and display, and its battery life is beyond good. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the phone to get if you want the best possible Android phone.

The Best “Affordable” Option – If you want a cheap, reliable phone that will take great photos, run apps and games, and look great doing it, the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is all you need. It has 5G, it has a Super AMOLED display, and it looks like an £800 phone. The Galaxy A52s 5G serves up incredible value for money.

The “Wildcard” Option – Do you want something different? Something unlike anything else? If so, and you have deep enough pockets, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is just about as unique as it gets. This foldable phone is packed to the hilt with next-gen technology and, because it’s foldable, it basically doubles as a tablet too.

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