Current iPhone 13 user here. Obviously, I’m tempted by the iPhone 15 but there’s some great alternatives to consider too

There’s always a palpable sense of deflation after a new iPhone series launches. Everybody gets themselves hyped up on leaks and speculation and then the phone launches and it looks more or less the same as the last one. 

Apple DID add in a bunch of new stuff on its base model iPhone 15 phones, though: both the iPhone 15 and the 15 Plus get USB C, Dynamic Island, and a new 48MP main snapper. 

And that’s significant because for the last couple of years its base models have been, well… about as exciting as a glass of three day old water. 

I have an iPhone 13. It’s been a great phone. Do I need the iPhone 15? Probably not. Do I even need a new phone? Again, probably not. Apple’s iOS support is phenomenal

I’ll be getting iOS updates well into my 40s (I’m currently 39). 

The Perfect Phone For Quite Literally Everybody…

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Look, if you’re on the fence about what phone to get, here’s the skinny: Apple’s iPhone 15 – the base model – is damn near perfect for 99.9% of people. 

It is powerful, it has a great camera, the software is brilliant and simple to use, and the battery life is solid. 

If you just want a phone that’ll work seamlessly for the next five years or more, get the iPhone 15 – it’s that good. 

But what if you want something different? Maybe you’ve been using iPhones forever and you want to try out Android? If so, read on, because this post is designed for you… 

Here’s a handful of iPhone 15 alternatives that are totally worth checking out if you’re looking to move out of Apple’s ecosystem… 

Best iPhone 15 Alternatives

OnePlus 11 

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Why I Like It:

The OnePlus 11 5G stands out with its robust Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and a vivid 6.7-inch screen, offering a seamless and dynamic user experience.

The quick charging feature is a lifesaver for those on the go, ensuring minimal downtime.

The commitment to significant software support, promising four Android OS updates and five years of security updates, is a commendable move, placing it on par or even ahead of its competitors in terms of longevity and security.

The competitive $699 starting price is the icing on the cake, making high-end features accessible to a wider audience.

Why You’ll Like It:

If you’re a videography enthusiast, the OnePlus 11’s advanced video capabilities, allowing you to shoot up to 8K, will be a game-changer.

The AI Highlight setting enhances detail in varying lighting conditions, ensuring your videos are always in the best quality.

The broad connectivity across all three major US carriers’ 5G networks is a significant advantage for those seeking extensive network coverage and fast internet speeds.

The camera improvements, including the spectral imaging sensor, will appeal to those looking to capture high-quality photos, even if it’s slightly behind the Galaxy or Pixel phones.

Things To Keep In Mind:

While the OnePlus 11 5G brings a plethora of features to the table, it’s crucial to note that it won’t be sold by any major carriers.

This means buying it via phone plans is not an option, potentially narrowing its customer base in the US.

It’s still a solid phone but you’ll need to break out the credit card to buy one. Check out our full review of the OnePlus 11 for more information.


Pixel 7 Pro 

Pixel 7 vs Pixel 7 ProPin

Why I Like It:

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is a beacon of balance in the Android flagship realm, offering a sublime mix of top-tier features, performance, and aesthetic appeal, all for less than 700 bucks.

The 6.7-inch OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate is a visual treat, making media consumption and gaming exceptionally immersive and smooth.

The camera system, boasting a 50MP main wide lens, is a traveler’s delight, capturing detailed and color-accurate images, especially in bright conditions.

The device’s commitment to prolonged software support, promising updates until October 2025 and security updates until 2027, is a reassuring nod to longevity and security.

Why You’ll Like It:

If you are transitioning from iOS or are new to the Google series, the Pixel 7 Pro offers a clutter-free and smooth software experience, running on Android 13, with rare instances of slowdown or lag.

The unique post-processing tools like Magic Eraser add a layer of creativity to your photography, allowing you to manipulate images with ease.

The device’s battery life is reliable, delivering a little over a day of usage under moderate use, with a Battery Saver mode to extend it further when needed.

The pricing is a significant draw, offering better specs than entry-level alternatives and becoming an even more attractive option as prices drop following the release of newer models.

Things To Keep In Mind:

While the Pixel 7 Pro is a well-rounded device, it does have its quirks.

The polished metal camera bump is prone to gathering dust and scratches over time, and the device’s slippery nature necessitates a case for enhanced grip.

The lack of support for expandable storage might be a deal-breaker for some, and reliance on cloud services and streaming is almost mandatory.

The charging speed, although acceptable, is not groundbreaking, refilling 50% in around 30-40 minutes with a 30W charger.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 

Samsung Galaxy S23Pin

Why I Like It:

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus emerges as a formidable middle-range option, blending a sleek new design with substantial performance enhancements, courtesy of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.

The 6.6in 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED 2x display is a visual marvel, especially for media aficionados, and the device’s improved battery life, lasting 26hrs 33mins in video playback tests, is a significant boon.

The camera setup, introducing innovative features like Astro Hyperlapse and Astrophoto modes, delivers detailed and colorful images, making it a versatile companion for photography enthusiasts.

Why You’ll Like It:

If you are seeking a device that offers a cleaner, more refined design, the S23 Plus does away with the “Contour Cut” camera housing, presenting a more streamlined appearance.

The device’s IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, coupled with Gorilla Glass Victus 2, adds a layer of reassurance for everyday use.

The device’s commitment to prolonged software support, promising four years of core Android upgrades and an additional year of security patches, is a significant advantage, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience over time.

The range of colors, including Phantom Black, Cream, Green, and Lavender, allows for a personalized touch, aligning with individual preferences.

Things To Keep In Mind:

While the S23 Plus brings a plethora of enhancements to the table, it does come with a £100 price increase, positioning it at £1,049 for the 256GB model.

The absence of the S Pen stylus and the extravagant 200MP camera found in the Ultra model might be a letdown for some.

The lack of a microSD slot necessitates a careful choice of storage variant at the time of purchase, and the preloaded Samsung applications, often deemed as bloatware, might be a point of contention for some users.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Pin

Why I Like It:

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 boasts a gapless hinge and an improved, larger 3.4in external screen, allowing enhanced user interaction without the need to unfold the device.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 ensures top-tier performance, aligning it with the prowess of the Galaxy S23 series.

The design feels plush and refined, with the phone closing flush, preventing debris accumulation and enhancing aesthetics.

The commitment to sustainability and reparability, with the use of recycled materials and the offering of a self-repair program, is a commendable step forward.

Why You’ll Like It:

If you value a premium, refined Android experience, the Z Flip 5, running on One UI 5.1 based on Android 13, promises just that, with the addition of five years of software updates, including four major Android version updates and monthly security patches.

The enhanced durability of the main 6.7in screen, claimed to be 25% more durable than previous models, offers a layer of reassurance, and the Flex Mode allows for an innovative utilization of apps when the phone is folded in an L-shape.

The camera capabilities, allowing the use of the large cover display as a viewfinder, will appeal to selfie enthusiasts seeking sharp and high-quality images.

Things To Keep In Mind:

While the Samsung Gaalxy Z Flip 5 is a very impressive and eye-catching phone, it does come with a premium price tag of £1,049/$999/A$1,649 which means it is definitely on the more expensive side.

The device, despite its enhanced durability, still necessitates careful handling due to the softer material of the main screen.

The battery life is decent but requires nightly charges, especially with substantial 5G usage.

The lack of an optical zoom in the camera setup might be a limitation for those seeking versatile photography options.


Our Pick?

OnePlus 11 DesignPin

Given all the options we’ve listed above, picking one phone is always going to be tricky. 

But here goes… 

  • If you want the best Android update support, go with the Pixel 7 Pro, OnePlus 11 or Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus. 
  • Want the fastest charging phone, go with the OnePlus 11 – it wipes the floor with everything else on this list. 
  • Want something unusual that no one else has? Go with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. It’s expensive but you’ll get a phone that hardly anyone else has. 
  • For overall camera performance, go with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus or the Google Pixel 7 Pro – both are excellent. 

My pick? I think I’d go with the OnePlus 11, and the reasons for this are threefold: 

  1. It’s the cheapest phone on the list and it serves up some of the best value for money in the Android space right now. 
  2. It is jam-packed with high-end specs and capabilities, so it’ll run and feel like a flagship phone just at a fraction of the cost. 
  3. OnePlus is giving OnePlus 11 users five years’ worth of support – that’s better than what you get with Google’s Pixel phones and it matches Samsung. 

That’s my 2 cents on the phones mentioned on this list. Got your own opinion? Stick it in the comments section below…

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