iOS 15 has launched…but it has a TON of delayed features you’ll need to wait for.

Wondering about iOS 15 missing features? iOS 15 is now officially out from Apple. The new operating system is set to supercharge your iPhone with a number of new features including Focus mode, an all-new Weather app, Messages improvements, and a slew of new Maps features, among others.

However, Apple has also announced that a ton of features it advertised for iOS 15 won’t be available at today’s launch – and won’t even ship on the iPhone 13 later this week. These feature delays are, presumably, so Apple has more time to work out bugs, which is always a good thing.

Still, we’re not just talking about a single feature delay or two. iOS 15 features a ton of feature delays – and yes, this means that iPadOS 15 also has the same feature delays (watchOS 8 is mostly safe for now).

So just what iOS 15 features are delayed? Here’s the latest roundup:


iOS 15 Missing Features: All The Missing & Delayed Features At LaunchPin

SharePlay is probably the headline feature of iOS 15…and it won’t be included in the iOS 15.0 launch. SharePlay allows shared viewing and listing of movies and music, and also allows you to share your iPhone screen with another user.

Essentially, SharePlay would make remote watching parties a snap on iPhone, and also make it super easy to show someone how to do something on their iPhone by giving them a walkthrough on your iPhone’s screen.

SharePlay is still slated for an iOS 15 release, but we don’t know when that will be (it likely won’t be until macOS Monterey is released at the earliest – likely late October or November).

Universal Control

iOS 15 Missing Features: All The Missing & Delayed Features At LaunchPin

Universal Control was another headline feature of iPadOS 15, which won’t make it into the initial release. Universal Control allows you to link your iPad’s screen with your Mac and drag your mouse across both as well as drag elements of each screen across both.

Universal Control is not a feature of iOS 15 (and never was), but it’s a bummer to see that this major new feature was delayed, too.

Find My AirPods

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPodsPin

This was going to be a cool new feature for AirPods owners. It would have allowed you to use the Find My app to track down the last approximate location of your AirPods. However, this feature has now been delayed in iOS 15. All Apple says is that the feature will come later this fall now.

3D Maps CarPlay Navigation

iOS 15 Missing Features: All The Missing & Delayed Features At LaunchPin

Apple Maps in iOS 15 has a ton of new visual enhancements, including new 3D layouts for select cities and for navigated routes. However, whole these features are still expected to launch on the iPhone with the initial release of iOS 15, these new Apple Maps enhancements will not be available via CarPlay until later this year now.

App Privacy Report

iOS 15 Missing Features: All The Missing & Delayed Features At LaunchPin

App Privacy Report is a major new privacy feature for iOS 15 that shows you where apps are sending the data it collects from your iPhone. If you don’t like where an app is sending your data, well now the transparency exists that allows you to choose to delete it.

But App Privacy Report won’t launch with iOS 15 anymore. It’s likely to come later this year.

Wallet ID’s

iOS 15 Missing Features: All The Missing & Delayed Features At LaunchPin

Another cool new feature of iOS 15 was the ability to store state driver’s licenses in the Wallet app. This will bring users one step closer to ditching the physical wallet. However, Apple has confirmed ID support for Wallet won’t be built into the initial release of iOS 15. Instead, Apple says the feature is now coming in late 2021.

Legacy Contacts

This is a feature no one wants to use, but it was nice to see Apple announce it. Though, of course, now it’s been delayed. Legacy Contacts allows you to assign people to your Apple ID who would be granted access to all your Apple and iCloud data after your death.

Legacy Contacts ensures your loved ones can easily access your data even if your devices are locked and encrypted when you die. Again, no one wants to use this feature, but it is helpful. It should still be coming to iOS 15 later this year. 

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