iOS 15.4 is a major update to the iPhone’s OS.

iOS 15.4 is setting up to be a MASSIVE update to the iOS 15 operating system. The upcoming update will have a TON of new features that will radically enhance what your iPhone is capable of. Here are all the new features you can expect to see in iOS 15.4 based on the latest beta…

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iOS 15.4: Face ID With A Mask

This is the most useful feature coming to iOS 15.4. iOS 15 already allows you to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask so long as you have an Apple Watch as well. The Apple Watch here works as an extra layer of security confirming you are who you are.

But with iOS 15.4 Apple is modifying Face ID so users can unlock their iPhones while wearing a face mask – no Apple Watch required. This will of course be a little less secure since Face ID will only rely on the eye area, but it should be much more convent for the pandemic world we are living in now.

iOS 15.4: Apple Card Widget

The Apple Card is very popular with users of the iPhone. It’s Apple’s own credit card and offers several benefits including cashback on Apple purchases. The Apple Card also has powerful analytic tools built in to manage your spending.

iOS 15.4 will add an all-new Apple Card widget so you can easily see your current balance and daily spending right on your home screen.

iOS 15.4: iCloud Keychain Notes

A really helpful feature coming in iOS 15.4 is iCloud Keychain notes. iCloud Keychain stores all your passwords – it’s a password manager, in other words. Now the keychain will also have a notes section so you can jot down quick notes related to the password. For example, you might want to note if you’ve given the password to anyone else and who.

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iOS 15.4: TV App ‘Up Next” Improvements 

The TV app is getting a welcome improvement in iOS 15.4. Now you can select if you want the movie and TV show tiles in the Up Next queue to show a still frame from the media you are watching or the media’s poster. 

Previous to iOS 15.4 Up Next would only show a still frame from the media once you had started watching it.

iOS 15.4: Passkey Website Sign-in

Passkey is a new feature that websites can enable. This will allow you to use Face ID or Touch ID to log into the website instead of entering your password. Of course, the website must choose to support passkey, but if they do it will make log-ins on iPhone much easier.

iOS 15.4: Other Improvements

Other iOS 15.4 improvements include the ability to access SharePlay right from a share sheet, the ability to set up custom email domains in iCloud+, and support for 120Hz animations in third-party apps on the iPhone 13 Pro.

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iPadOS 15.4: Universal Control

Most of the above features are coming to iPadOS 15.4 when it launches, too. However, iPadOS 15.4 is going to have one major new feature iOS 15.4 won’t: Universal Control.

Without a doubt, the biggest iPadOS 15.4 update comes with the much-anticipated launch of Universal Control. Universal Control was one of the headline features when Apple first previewed the software last summer. However, Universal Control was delayed at the launch of iPadOS 15, then again and again until now.

Universal Control is a feature that allows your Mac and iPads to work together as extended desktops. You can literally drag and drop files across each using your mouse. Each device can also work as a display extension of the other. 

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