iOS 14 Update: 14 New Features You 100% Need To Know About…


Apple’s iOS 14 update is coming later this year – and it’ll affect iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Here’s a breakdown of its new features…

Apple’s iOS 14 update is coming inside 2020. It will launch alongside the new iPhone 12 range and bring a host of new features to existing iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch devices. And unlike iOS 13, the iOS 14 update is shaping up to be a rather big one…

Here’s a breakdown of iOS 14’s new features and what to expect from the software update later on in 2020.

iOS 14’s New Features Detailed – 14 Things You Need To Know…

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#1 – iOS 14 Will Launch In June At Apple’s WWDC Event

Apple will unveil the final version of iOS 14 at its WWDC event in June, before rolling the update out in the fall, alongside its new iPads and iPhone 12 range of phones.

The only thing that might throw a spanner in the works, however, is the COVID-19 outbreak; Apple has allegedly already canceled its iPhone 9 launch event in March because of coronavirus, so it stands to reason that, should things get worse, the same could happen again with WWDC.

#2 – iOS 14 Will Make App Organization Easier

iOS 14 will make it easier to view and keep on top of the applications on your iPhone and iPad. This feature, already present on the Apple Watch, will apparently let you view all of your installed apps in an alphabetical list which should make auditing your device’s installed applications and games a lot easier.

Having the ability to freely arrange applications on your home screen is NOT happening, however, and that really sucks. This is the #1 issue I currently have with iOS. Why can’t Apple just let me arrange my apps as I want? It’s not like it’d be a hard change to implement. And it would make organizing stuff on your iPhone and iPad so much easier.

#3 – Apple’s Working On A Dedicated Fitness App For iOS 14

Apple is working on its very own fitness app. The app will be available inside iOS 14 on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. The as-yet-unnamed fitness app will allow users to download fitness guides and routines direct to their device, so they can follow along – either at home or in the gym.

How this app will work in practice remains to be seen, but it could be a huge boon for fitness content producers. Imagine being able to sell your workout programs to Apple’s hundreds of millions of users! It’d be like the second coming of the App Store, just for fitness buffs.

#4 – iOS 14 Will Feature Some Big iMessage Updates

Slack is one of the biggest productivity communication apps on the planet. It has made working remotely (or in an office) a lot easier, thanks to its easy-to-use settings and intuitive features. And inside iOS 14, Apple will borrow a few of Slack’s most-loved features.

Reports suggest iMessage users will be able to tag their contacts in iMessages using the @user-name handle, just like in Slack. On top of this, iOS 14 will bring the ability to retract messages sent in iMessage, even after they’ve been sent to a recipient. Typing indicators for group chats are also said to be making an appearance in iOS 14 as well.

There is also talk of closer integration between iMessage on iPhone and Mac through Apple’s Catalyst initiative, though we’ll have to wait until iOS 14’s unveiling to hear more about this…

#5 – There Will Be A New Augmented Reality (AR) App Too

Apple will add a new AR app inside iOS 14, allowing users to interact with the world around them. Using the AR app will be simple enough; just hold the phone up to something, a coffee shop, for instance, and information about it – things like deals and coupons – will be displayed on the iPhone/iPad’s screen.

Apple will almost certainly confirm a bunch of launch partners for this new AR app at WWDC. Right now, Starbucks is one name floating around. This could be pretty cool, as all that will be required from stores is a QR code that the AR app can read. And these will be simple to make and design online.

#6 – Third-Party Apps Might Get More Access Inside iOS 14

You know how some of Apple’s core applications properly suck? I’m looking at your Mail. Well, this might change in iOS 14. According to reports, Apple is considering giving third-party apps core access to iOS, so things like Gmail and Spotify could become your default apps inside of Mail and Apple Music.

In addition to this, it’d mean you could run Google Chrome or DuckDuckGo instead of Safari as your default browser on iPhone. Out of all the potential features on this list, this is the one I am most excited about. It’s time the iPhone became less locked-down and more malleable to the needs and wants of its user.

#7 – Sleep Tracking Will Come To iOS 14

There’s a new sleep tracking feature being developed for use inside future Apple Watch devices. But we could get our first proper look at how it’ll work inside iOS 14.

The sleep tracking app for iOS 14 will integrate with Apple’s Health app and allow users to not only track sleeping patterns, but also set goals as well.

#8 – Shot on iPhone Will Be Added To Apple’s Photos App

“Shot on iPhone” is Apple’s photography competition, whereby images snapped by iPhone users are used in Apple marketing materials. Well, inside iOS 14, you might be able to submit your work directly through the Photos app. This isn’t confirmed just yet, but it makes sense – so long as people don’t start abusing it.

#9 – FINALLY! Mouse & Trackpad Support For iPad

This one is HUGE. Having the ability to use a mouse on the iPad Pro is something people have wanted since day one. But Apple, for whatever reason, has resisted. If you want to turn the iPad Pro into a laptop killer, you NEED mouse support. It’s as simple as that.

Thankfully, it looks as if the wait is over though…

Word on the street suggests Apple is looking to bring mouse and trackpad support to iOS 14. Let’s just hope it includes ALL mouses and trackpads, not just Apple’s.

On top of this, using a mouse on iPad will be exactly the same as using a mouse and trackpad on macOS, which means you’ll get right-click functionality, tap to click, and gestures for switching apps. This one could be a game-changer for iPad!

#10 – Updates Aimed Squarely At Apple Pencil

Inside iOS 14, the Apple Pencil will be able to convert handwritten notes into text and then share them with any app inside iOS – from iMessage to Notes, and Mail.

#11 – Custom Voice Synthesisers

Apple’s new developer framework, VoiceProvider, will give developers the ability to create their own, bespoke voice sounds for their apps. In the long run, this could mean you could change the default digital voice on your iPhone to something more to your liking.

#12 – Third-Party Wallpaper Packs Support

Setting up wallpapers of your liking on iPhone (and iPad) isn’t hard. But Apple, in a bid to be more open, will apparently allow third-party wallpapers to be added via iOS 14’s Settings menu.

This means you’ll be able to download third-party wallpapers and organize and implement them directly from iOS 14’s Settings which will make life a lot easier for serial wallpaper changers.

#13 – HomeKit Updates To Make Your Home Smarter

Apple will bring a bunch of updates to its HomeKit SDK inside iOS 14, and the updates will allow for the following new features:

  • Night Shift For Lights – In iOS 14, you’ll be able to assign Night Shift lighting to any HomeKit compatible lights in your home. For instance, you could set the lights to shift to Night Shift from around 6 pm or 7 PM, so you can properly wind down from the day.
  • Facial Recognition For HomeKit Cameras – iOS 14 will bring new facial recognition abilities to HomeKit Secure Video. This feature will allow for the easy identification of faces and people that show up on your feed.
  • HomePod Apple TV Speakers – Inside iOS 14, you’ll be able to permanently set your Apple HomePod as the de facto speaker for your Apple TV.

#14 – iOS 14 Will Run on All iPhones (Inc. iPhone 6s & iPhone SE)

And lastly, Apple’s iOS 14 update will be available for ALL iPhone models down to the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. With iPad, iOS 14 will run on all models down to the iPad Air (3rd edition). Furthermore, those using the iPod touch (7th generation) will also be able to download and use iOS 14.

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